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Moving to Nevada, what should I do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ssins, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Okay so I'm moving from California to Nevada, Laughlin Nevada specifically. Should I attempt to just find a dealer or should I get a card? I'm pretty are its a VERY long process in Nevada to get a card which is not like getting a MMJ card in California. All help is appreciated
  2. dude, keep your cali ID and rec. Drive across the state line, get your weed and drive back. Maybe bullhead city has some rec mmj IDK> Good luck.
  3. My vegas friend says that they take cali med cards. Might not apply everywhere but he says they love money.
  4. I bet haha everyone loves money
  5. Forsure I'll try to buy as much as possible then thanks man
  6. I'm in Northern NV. The time it takes to get your card depends on the county.
    Get your medical card, there are good dispensaries down there too.
  7. Welcome to the desert! Remember that you're right below a huge tourist destination, there are many many places that would be fine with a card from Cali. 
  8. If that is true, then I can buy some in vegas with my cali ID and rec? Is that true?
  9.  There is no reciprocity between Nevada and California medical marijuana laws.
  10. oh hell yeah!! then I can get stoned and gamble all my money away at a casino. No. Scratch that idea. Instead, we will buy tickets to the blue man group. Yeah. we get stoned and go to a show, then hit up an all night buffett. Fuck yeah. Nevada rocks!!
  11. What about 21 and up adults visiting from different states? Is it legal to get weed as long you are 21 and up?

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  12. It's not legal in NV. The places that sell to you with a different state's rec just aren't following the law.
  13. Exactly.
  14. While I didn't get a mmj card being a young stoner while in Las Vegas I learned some shit about Nevada mmj, they take Arizona cards so I think they'd take cali cards, the process sucks here, you need to talk to a physician, have him recommend it, mail shit to mmj centers in Carson city just overall to much in my stoner brain
  15. Streets for now, dispensaries next year. I have heard nevada charges like 400 dollars for your first card and 100 for renewal. Haven't looked too much into because i am waiting for the shops to open officially

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  16. Nevada DOES allow out-of-state recs. idk if there are dispensaries yet, but once there are all out of state patients can purchase meds.

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