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Moving to MJJ friendly state.. which to go to

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by rawk420, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Im looking for a 420 friendly state where I can easily obtain a MMJ card without having cancer or AIDS. The problem with Cali is the high cost of living.. but what about Nevadas MMJ laws, can i easily get MMJ there... Ive looked into colorado and everything sounds good.. the price of rentals are cheap and its somewhat lax on gettin MMJ but the problem is the state is too cold.... any advise is welcomed.. which state to move to and how easy can i get a card
  2. CO makes up for being cold by being a beautiful state. I believe Oregon is a 'lax mmj state, you could try there. Although it might be too cold for you as well :/ Theres still areas in CA that arent that expensive to live in, its a huge state dont have to live near the cities
  3. You get used to the cold, and at least Denver knows how to handle snow. Its not like the South where everything shuts down when you get a half inch of snow. Plus its a dry cold. That really does make a difference. I'm in SC and 34 degrees here can seem colder than 5 below there. If you move in the summer and give yourself time to acclimate as the seasons change, you'll be fine. :)

    We cannot, however tell you how to scam the system to get a card. Forum rules.
  4. Thanks for the info. Its a good thing the forum prohibits people from giving advise on scamming. I have had a entire life full of pain. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and recently been told i have many more psychological problems. I got into a car wreck and recieved whip lash a few years back and then went into inpatient. Some docs in colorado told me that i have the conditions to possibly qualify as a patient.

    I know i got illnesses that can be covered in alot of states but they arent covered in all. What about the rest of the states like hawaii, orgeon, or alaska.
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  6. Dude your a joke. i never asked for advise to tell a doctor.. get lost

  7. Denver Colorado seems like a really good place to live. Ive looked at their rental prices and they seem very laxed and decently priced. The crime rate is very low in that city and there is a decent college to attend. Also the unemployment rate is only 6% which is incredibly low compared to the nation!!!! I am currently taking politics courses and really enjoy marijuana politics. So i figured, why not move to a place where its semi-legal and I can get a good education working with marijuana. Then i can learn all I can on how to help the cause and move back to my home state and bring my knowledge back there to help marijuana users out.

    The dude above freaked out and thought I was in here asking for advise on what to say to a doctor. I am not asking for any advise on what to say. Im asking for INFORMATION on different states that offer MMJ and what some of the laws are. I appreciate that positive feedback in this thread. Peace


  8. Hawaii is nice and warm!
    How to become a patient there
    ASA : Becoming a Patient in Hawaii
  9. I apologize Rawk420. Your problems are yours, and it was wrong of me to jump your shit. I want you to understand that there are people really suffering out there. Please read your first post again, objectively. I know of people suffering from both cancer and aids, they are dying. They do not have the resources available to them to just move to a more progressive state, so the live under constant threat. But they are fighting to change the laws. Their problems and fights are not yours I know. So I will apologize to you and give you these. They are links to MPP's site, with links to state laws and the goings on of their local advocates, the other link is NORML's state by state guide to the laws and requirements. If you are lucky enough to find a state with your needs, please do not forget those that have fought so valiently to have those laws changed for you. Continue writing your Senate, Congress, and any other state legislator and newspaper that will hear your voice.
    I'm sorry.

    MPP Homepage
    State By State Laws - NORML

  10. I'm guessing you don't want to move to Michigan, Brr its friggen cold. We have nine months of winter and three months of rough sledding.

    Michigan is not the easiest state to get a recommendation but chronic pain will do ya. Getting a job is the biggest problem here.

  11. if u move to Denver, you may not even want to bother w/ the MMJ card. It is widely and cheaply available and a very, very tolerant atmosphere. I lived there for about 5 years and can't remember EVER being dry after my 2nd day there. Even when I couldn't get ahold of my regular guy, a 10 min walk thru civic center park at noon on a weekday would always get results.

    And, it's not that cold. When I lived there, I remember many 60 degree sunny days in January & average 300 days/ year of sunshine. You can literally ski & golf on the same day.

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