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Moving To Lodi, Ca. I Have A Few Questions.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AmazaaaasauR, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Well, I plan on moving to Lodi in about a month. Once I get there, I definitely am going to obtain my MMJ card asap. From what I've read, I will only be allowed to grow 6 mature plants OR 12 immature plants AND 8 ounces of bud. My roommate says otherwise, telling me that he knows of a doctor that will allow us to grow 19 plants each, which doesn't sound legitimate to me.

    Also, what are some good dispensaries/ delivery services in Lodi? Thanks. By the way, I'm 18 and would be getting MMJ for anxiety, depression and insomnia.

  2. I did read that certain cities such as Oakland and Berkeley allow a much larger amount that you can grow. For example, I read San Diego allows 24 plants. Does this mean that I could obtain my MMJ card there and grow 24 plants in my Lodi home legally?

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    "Under Prop. 215, patients are entitled to whatever amount of marijuana is necessary for their personal medical use. However, patients are likely to be arrested if they exceed the SB 420 guidelines. SB420 sets a baseline statewide guideline of 6 mature or 12 immature plants, and 1/2 pound (8 oz.) processed cannabis per patient. Individual cities and counties are allowed to enact higher, but not lower, limits than the state standard."
    It depends where the plants are being grown, not where you got your card issued. 

  4. So since I live in Lodi, the maximum amount for me will be 6 mature, no matter where I obtain my card?

  5. dosnt matter...if you grow oD the rule is keep it under 99 and you wont go federal....
  6. outdoor, but it implies with indoor or greenhouse...just keep ur numbers under the 99 plant limit...lots of ppl over the limit in many counties n cities.... keep ur grow low pro and dont tell anyone and you should be A okay for the most part. you get caught over the 99 your gunna do prolly a 3-5..over a 1000 plants your looking at 40+ years in the fed pen.
  7. Wait so the rule is that I can grow 6 indoor or 99 outdoor legally?

  8. no, the under 99 plant rule is just something to keep you from going to a federal prison. our cali law clearly says 6 plants, thats it. other counties change the limits and put growers at risk with false info. 
  9. As for the dispensaries/delivery service, look at, they are on there with reviews. I would also check out Craigslist. There seems to be alot of high quality cheap marijuana on there, but they will require you to have a card.
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    no you can have more than 6 and 12.  you can pay extra to get what is considered a growers permit and the doctor can raise your allowable limits. i know a couple people who have 'em. 1 guys limit is 35 plants mature and the other is 45 matures. also the weight limit for both guys is 3 lbs. cali laws are pretty sketchy/unregulated. meaning the states still hasn't decided how to regulate mmj. it is hard for them to control what grows in your back yard. and they also probably don't wanna have to answer to the feds also. so they just don't bring up the subject and figure out regulations. how long has mmj been legal in cali? a freekin' while. now if they gov's needed to figure a way to regulate anything else to generate the state revenue shit it'd be dealt with by the end of the week, right??? 
    anyways enough ranting. to get a growers licence or permit you have to show a journal of your cannabis use or needs . if you ingest your reefer you usually require a lot more reefer to meet your needs because you use more product (reef).  my doc told me you should be ok to have a regular reccomend and go over the limit if i had a journal showing a need for more reef. he did also state that not having regulation set that thye cops could still bust you depending on how they felt at the time.  i just decided to stay in my 6 plant limit.   unfotunately ive had quite a few single plants that have produced over the 8 ounce dried limit. i just lock my reefer away in a cool dry place and don't weigh it. that way if the police ask how much weight i have i can kinda honestly answer "i don't know" but i only had 6 plants? but i do keep a journal showing that i do run out and need more. hasn't happened yet ,but that's what my journal states.
      i would get the grow licence if i was gonna do more than 6 though and that is the advise i am giving you. get the growers license if you want more than 6 plants.
    and you can find delivery service in lodi area on craigslist. just type in medical marijuana in the search window. good luck and get legal and stay legal.
  11. Thank you all for the advice. I don't mind only growing six but my room mate keeps saying that he'll be able to grow 19. I'm just afraid of legal trouble.
  12. Lodi is near the area where John Fogerty grew up. 6 mature outdoor sativa grown oleander size (in 60 gallon pots). You can get a lot of pot off them 6 plants. Try for dispensary listing. Good luck!

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