Moving to Humbolt Co.

Discussion in 'General' started by xboxerdude, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. See I already thought this through you know what I'm trying to do. Elbows going for 3k where i live :smoke: no ability to grow em ATM but have cash to invest in sme cali outdoor for sure. Ill be glad to tke it off their hands :D
  2. flying in on sunday, i'm fucking excited to get this shit rolling
  3. From everything u said, I get the impression you want to buy pounds and move them across state lines back home.
    If that's the case, I don't fully agree with your plan.

    Goodluck tho

  4. Really? I think he said 3 times that he's moving there
  5. If you want to get into the marijuana business you probably won't have much luck. It would be best to get a legit job.
  6. Not to burst your bubble but the grass on the other side isnt greener, trust me on that!! 1st of your going to a very rural area where they dont like outsiders... This hole go down to the river a smoke bowl and your insently invovled is "far-fetched,"Good luck trying to get a legit job or a trim job. U gotta know people here. Even if u go to big town like Eureka or Arcata everyone in there mama are just like with all these big dreams of getting in the marijuana business lol. Also it's funny how everyone on here has this "myth" that you could come here and hook up all these cheap budz lmao... Where not dummies here yeah harvest season is right around the corner so yeah there will be plenty of cheap outdoor budz but for the high quality indoor stuff u still gotta know some1 and it wont be as cheap as everyone think it is.....

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