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  1. In about two weeks looing for work and cheap bud. Whats the best way to get involved out there? I could ust walk around and meet people but I thought I would come to the city first and ask yall blade what's good. :D:smoke:
  2. Where is Humboldt?
  3. You trying to get in with the weed crowd?

    I know a grower from down there and he told me to just go down to "the river" and match some bowls with some dudes. He said a lot of those guys are looking for trimmers/other workers. He's been doing his thing down there for 15 years or something like that, so I trust him..

    Trimming is a bitch though....if you work fast it's definitely worth the pay tho
  4. Yea im trying to get into the buisness in that parts. I'm looking for chill people to smoke with, talk potics, chill and of course large amounts of dank buds to handle :D
  5. nice idea bruh.

    goodluck with your journey.

    make sure to let us know how it goes.

    i mite just join you if all goes well.

  6. I'm going to the weed MECCA of the US. Pretty excited
  7. Congrats on your opportunity bro and glad to see that your gonna go out on a limb a do your thing..that being said just remember once your out there, hooked up, and finally get settled in..there is soooooo much more to life then just the fire nugs...and trust me I love my nugs :smoking: but hopefully you will love the enviorment out there and increase your quality of life as a whole...good luck to you bro :rolleyes:
  8. my advice: Don't do it.

    packing up everything you own and traveling halfway across the USA isn't a good thing to do right now. Especially when you're holding out on landing a job in california in the mj business.

    that market is TOUGH right now especially because hundreds if not thousands of people have already thought about this and done this already. at best you could land a job as a trimmer but thats about it. you might as well forget the idea of growing for profit unless you can supply 5+lbs a week or bi weekly. thats usually the only amounts clubs are actively (ie. posting want ads online) looking for on a regular basis.

    The market is so tough in cali there are clubs/co-ops/delivery services/growers selling INDOOR ounces for $150 a piece. no joke. the price has plummeted so much that i dont see how some of these guys turn a profit.

    Also beware of the rippers. theres LOADS of them these days. Setting people up on CL/budtrader, etc. grow spot/home invasions.

    its just ugly out there to be honest. Humboldt may be slightly more relaxed than the rest of the state but the competition up there is fierce.

    Just trying to save you a few headaches. if you do go then you should plan on finding a legit 9-5 until things take off because i PROMISE its not as easy as users here make it know the type, "ill just go to california, grow lbs, and get rich".

    yeah maybe 4 years ago or so you could do that but they have saturated the CA marketplace and made it to where NO-ONE wins.

    just my 2cents.

  9. Money ain't the problem more money is the motivaton, I'm walking on thin lines with what I'm sayin but the low prices are attracting me i'm lookin for that plug ya feel me?

    I live in my state an know the peeps but yall know the rules of fight club.
  10. The Marijuana Industry is kinda recession proof

    That's how I look at it. There is always a demand for weed

    I'm getting into the business up here in WA
  11. Hey Boxer Dude, justcallmesir got it right. California's one of the worst-off states currently in terms of unemployment. Jobs are scarce for people who don't have any levers to pull even in the big cities, and there are no big cities in Humboldt so there's just about nothing there in terms of full time positions.

    I don't think it's advantageous right now to go to Humboldt. I mean, sure, the weed there is very quality and very cheap, but that's the same EVERYWHERE once you get to know a few growers or start getting into cultivation yourself. And in the long term you'll be much better off if you move to follow opportunity.

    Washington has the best job market on the West Coast right now. The weather's a bit worse than California, but it's mild and the tradeoff is that much of the state is covered by beautiful temperate rainforests that are filled with electric colors even in the winter. And taxes/prices in general are much lower than anything in California.

  12. **Fist pump**

    Washington is the shit. Come work for me up here

    I wont have my stuff set up for 3-4 months but it's in progress....
  13. Not really, Cali is extremely flooded with bud, guys up there are getting rid of elbows for less than 1000 bucks during harvest season just to get rid of product. OP, i wouldn't even waste my time, thousands of people try to do what you do and end up going back home. People don't hire off the streets anymore, too risk, you already gotta have some connects. My friend goes to Humboldt State and lives in arcata, she tried to get into trimming last harvest and couldn't find work at all in town, since there was so many people doing the same.
  14. Why would I wanna go where there is more product than demand ???????:confused: I want this 150 or less an oz shit im paying twice that where i live and im getting hooked up
  15. I dont tink you guys are understanding me I'm not going there to grow. I cn do tht in my own state if wanted to already look at my past grows, I need a plug on crates fo under 5k during harvest season. I know the game Trying to get into it ya digg
  16. HEY MAN.... WASHINGTON IS BADASS. I was born in the 509! I visit Seattle every year... just about. Just got back and grabbed a 150/oz (half og chunk and half fruity ak, part of a 750/5oz deal my buddy bro and i bought, 4 oz og chunk and 1 oz fruity ak)

    The guy we got from had lbs atm... he usually can supply anyone from 1-10lbs... 2,000/lb... 9,000/5lb, 18,000/10lb... people do it big out there man... and it's as dank if not danker than that outdoor from humboldt (this is innies)

    I would consider Colorado, Washington, and Oregon... Montana as well... much more badass than Cali. by far my favorite 4 states.
  17. You lucky bastard! I love it up in Humbolt! I swear, one day, Im gonna move up north into the mountains/woods.

    Best experience in nature I've had by far.
  18. So let me get this straight. you're gonna move to california because the bud is cheaper. you can grow your own you say (i didnt bother to check out past grows but i believe you) then why not just grow your own where you live?

    it'll be a WHOLE lot cheaper than uprooting your whole life and coming to cali just to buy mj. even if you do how do you plan on selling it in california?

    you'd make a bigger profit margin staying where you are and growing top quality strains.

    this doesnt make sense to me...if you said you were visiting to buy some bud and take it back to MN then that makes sense...more so than moving here to get it cheap to resell.

    growing is the best avenue. especially outdoors...the cost to care for outdoor plants is minimal compared to indoor. no lights, no electricity, no fans, no a/c's, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc. just store bought soil and nutes and bam...elbows.

    like others have said. california's job market and mj market are in the toilet right now. people ARE literally begging people to take lb's off their hands for as much as half of what its actually worth. fall/winter time is the worst with all the outdoor harvests. ive heard/seen lbs go for $500 of outdoor if the market is tough enough and clubs will still turn them down even at those prices if they are loaded down.

    the problem is (no offense) people like you who go to california thinking they'll get their piece of the pie but all it does it overload the supply and doesn't do much for the demand (most growers aren't buying buds...they're growing/supplying it).

    you'd be lucky to land a job trimming. some grows won't even hire trimmers and would rather labor through it themselves to save some $$$ so they have more room to play with their asking prices.

    trust me...grow your own where you are and sell it there. seriously. thats your best bet in my opinion.
  19. Howdy neighbor! :wave:

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