Moving to Florida Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'General' started by DTownToker, May 25, 2010.

  1. Yaaaaaaaaa im heading east, to the beach. Im pretty excited leaving tomorrow morning, just finished loading up my car, only stuff left to pack is my vape and tv.

    Kind of bittersweet, because i have to leave my dog behind, the neighborhood doesnt allow dogs over 25 lbs:mad:

    Butttttt im sure to get over it when im chillin on siesta key weekly:hello:

    Im sure they got some fire bud out there too so im pretty excited overall.

    Any florida blades out here? anyways wish me luck getting there city take it easy
  2. You're going to love it at first and then miss the snow..
    I've been in Florida all of my life and it's great being able to go to the beach frequently. The night life is pretty great as well, hope you're going to make it to Miami and West Palm Beach sometime! :wave:
  3. Nice man! I want to move to Flordia or Cali, Mendecino County! :D
  4. Where in Florida? South Florida has the danky dank dank everywhere. No such thing as a dry season.
  5. You better clean the FUCK out of your vape. Cannabis residue = fine, probation or jail if caught in some areas.
  6. This.
  7. Oh yeah and we have the worst marijuana laws in the nation :laughing: no worries though, everyone smokes here. EVERYONE! Fuck those laws :hello:
  8. Uhhh...dude, I believe you went in the wrong direction? You're supposed to be running towards the "Gold Rush" not away from it.
  9. florida is the shit...... besides the crazy politicians, ruthless druglords in every neighborhood, and this whole fuckin state is hotter than fishgrease.
    other than that tho its tha bomb
  10. Sarasota. Im sure to be come down though if this is true haha, thanks royk

    Im used to the heat. Texas isnt too chilly itself, and as for the dude who said im going the wrong way nahhhhh man. Floridas the shit. Calis cool and all but im not gonna pay an arm and a leg to live there. Off i go, peace blades:smoke:
  11. yo i live pretty close to sarasota if you not some kinda pedo mayde we could burn lol

  12. Haha I Lol'd
  13. Florida is so awesome I regret ever moving from miami. I have lived pretty much all over the USA and trust me when I say nothing compares with Florida even though some will have u believe cali is florida's equal they lie ! cali is not even in the same league as florida ! welcome to the greatest state in the union the sunshine state :wave:

  14. Family in Florida. Confirmed. easy access to anything from what im told.
  15. i did word that oddly didnt i
  16. hey what do you have against pedophiles??? :mad:

    they wont touch you, unless of course you're a 12 year old little boy :smoking:
  17. maybe i am a 12 year old little boy
  18. in that case...dont be alarmed when you start sprouting hair out your pubic region. happens to the best of us ;)
  19. ok thanks for looking out man much love lol
  20. I don't know where you live but there's no drug lords in my neighborhood.

    Sarasota is really nice, you'll like it there (if the oil spill stays away). Beautiful beaches, warm Gulf water, good fishing, close to Tampa...I've been in Florida since 1992 and I like it here. Sales tax is high but there's no state or city income tax and the cost of living is pretty reasonable. Good luck with the move brudda.

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