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Moving to Colorado

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SwollenThumb, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. So I'm seriously pondering moving to Colorado. Not for the MMJ card, but I figure that since I might be heading that way, I should give it a shot.

    My question is, since I have a clean slate, where would be the most likely city I could relocate to in order to get a mmj card?

    If it helps, the symptoms I need help with are bipolar mania, insomnia, and lower back pain.
  2. Thw whole state is an MMJ state. If you want to live somewhere where Marijuana culture is prevalent, try Boulder. like me.

    Also, I don't know how linient the MMJ laws are here, so unless you're currently on medication and undergoing treatment, I don't know if you'll get MMJ status.
  3. November is only getting closer to a new start and much much needed MMJ. Ftw

    I'm jealous of you trikky..


    I also plan on visiting the planetarium you were talking about, at $5 a show.. I dont think I can miss that.
  4. The pink Floyd laser show? saw that shit on mushrooms, founded my own religion lol.

    Its fan-fucking-tastic!

    As far as cards go they're rare as hell around here. However, the bud is always dank and easily found.

    Boulder represent!
  5. The planetarium is pretty gnarly. Have not been there recently but I do remember going there for a fieldtrip in midleschool.

    Best place to find bud in colorado is most definetly Boulder, although, you shouldn't have much trouble finding it anywhere else.

  6. Colorado has a medical marijuana program I found this for you:
  7. the entire state is good for weed, its everywhere. id move closer to denver tho, then its not sucha long ass drive to the THCF in wheatridge.
  8. How is the bud at the THC? And how much is an appointment?

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