moving to colorado, whats the grow situation?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cannabislover, May 5, 2011.

  1. im moving to the denver area at the end of the summer with a friend. we are going to be renting a house and going to school and working part time, we will both have our medical cards and id like to finally grow my own smoke and save some money for once in my life.

    my question is with me renting a house is it legal to set up a small grow op as long as I have my card? Or is it all depending on the renter?
  2. i suggest you just keep to yourself about it, regardless of state law.
  3. You should be fine, but I would not advise you sharing with your property management company though. What is the probability that they will be stopping by on a regular basis? The fact of the matter is; the state of Colorado will not prosecute registered medicinal cannabis users/growers. And the head of the DEA for the state of Colorado has made public statements to this effect. Luckily a lot of homes in Colorado have basements, so keeping it stealth enough for your property manager to come by once every 6 months to ensure you didn't re-enact Beastie Boys You've Gotta Fight For Your Right music video in the house should be fairly manageable. Just to put things in perspective, there are well over 100 dispensaries in Colorado Springs alone, and I personally know multiple growers with commercial operations, as well as caregivers that have had zero issues with the law. It is becoming common practice around here, so public perception is pretty lax. Hope this helps.
  4. Short Answer: The Situation is Good!
  5. THANKYOU SHMOKEE!!:hello::hello: you have put my mind at ease, I cant wait to make the move its going to be great, I wont be growing more than maybe 6 plants so it wont be anything to big either
  6. colorado great 4 greens we got sum great genetics flying around, sum local breeding going on just scored sum 303 haze!
  7. CO might be different from CALI but i know here Renters have no legal right to grow in their house. If your landlord finds out they retain the right to evict you. but troubles with the cops though.

    Just keep it small and the smell down, and as long your landlord doesnt live on the top floor like my place you should be fine.


  8. what do you mean by that? I thought the cops wouldn't be able to do more than a fine or something.
  9. yeah its at the owners discretion. DO NOT INFORM LANDLORD! your gonna need sum good odor control if your in an apt growing 6 plants

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