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Moving to CO tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by Pizzaroll, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. Tomorrow me and my girlfriend move from Northern PA to Colorado springs. Its about 2,000 miles and will take us about 2 days.

    Im towing a uhaul on my jeep commander and she is following in her Mazda6.

    Im 21 and she's 19 but were collecting unemployment and have sone money saved from our old company that went under so I figured we would go to school out there and see how we like the midwest.

    If anybody cares I will probably post some pics of the road trip over the next few days. My weapon of choice for the ride will be the arizer solo. :)
  2. Subbed.
    Good luck man, hope its a safe trip.
  3. damn, man. i'm in PA as well. driving to CO is quite a hike! but, there's not much chance of PA legalizing even MMJ in the near future, at least not with Corbett as our governor... (i'm assuming that's one reason you're moving)
  4. Im glad for you dude.

    On a side note, my heart goes out to colorado for it is gonna be fucking filled soon enough lol. This is at least the fifth thread about someone moving there
  5. Congrats dude! I'm also in PA just lost my job And was thinking maybe this is my time to go to CO or WA. Have a fun and safe trip!! I'm so jealous!!
  6. Yay with all these new people maybe Denver will turn into LA

  7. Thanks guys! I feel like most people in PA are pretty close minded about marijuana except Philly.

    The cost of living around where i live in PA is crazy. We were paying 900 dollars a month for our 1 bedroom apt and were getting a 2 bedroom in co springs for 550 so I figured why not go.
  8. Ya welcome hope you love it.

    You will

    It snowed btw

  9. Some university actually did a study, and concluded that 80% of PA is in favor of medical marijuana. The problem is Corbett. He vetos any/every attempt to even slightly decriminalize marijuana. The dumbfuck still believes marijuana is a gateway drug. And having someone like that in power makes it very difficult for reasonable lawmakers to make any progress.

    I don't think the cost of living here is that bad... I don't know where you were looking, but I can easily find places for $500-600/month around me. I'm about an hour from Philly.
  10. Colorado Springs is one of the biggest towns in Colorado.
    You'll like colorado none the less...

    Im about 20 and i hope all these newcommers dont raise the pricing for housing..
    because i've been a Colorado native for my whole life. Goodluck though!
  11. It's snowing pretty bad up where I'm at so hopefully we don't have issues leaving in a few hours! I'll post some pics soon.
  12. Good.

    We can always use more smokers in the CO. :smoke:
  13. I'm in between Pittsburgh and Philly... In a small little redneck inbred town... EVERYONE smokes weed and 90% of people like 17-30 are on salts the cost of living is retardedly cheap... There are apartments for as low as $300 a month with everything included. I'm only here to live with my grandma and help her out. Im from northern Virginia.
  14. I'm so high from my v-tower and some stuff that smells like fruity pebbles. Drive like a boss.
  15. Hehe, no worries. MMJ has proved that there's no pot of gold in weed here. Newcomers will have to make a living like anyone and anywhere else; simple economics dictates jobs, salaries and the cost of living. Any marijuana legalization impact in Colorado will be a fart in a windstorm.
  16. I wasn't able to head out today cause the weather was too bad but the forecast looks clear tomorrow so hopefully there are no more set backs!
  17. Clearly you've never been to Pittsburgh, haha. :D
  18. Damn man have fun! Subbed for the ride
  19. Morning guys! I'm on the road. Will post pics later. :)
  20. Woop! Just hit Ohio


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