Moving to California, curious about a mmj card

Discussion in 'General' started by Zilla!, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. I'll be moving on wednesday to Los Angeles, about 3 miles outside of santa monica. I'm curious about obtaining a medical card. I currently live in New Jersey, and here smoking weed has become part of my every day life. It has come to the point where i cannot even fall asleep if I dont smoke prior. Nor do i feel hungry throughout the day without a little bud. I'm wondering if this is a condition where i'd be able to obtain a card, rather than hit the beaches for some illegaly obtained medicine. In no way am i in pain, but weed sure as hell helps fix many issues i come across daily.

    Also, I've noticed stores on Venice beach claiming they can give you a recommendation. Are these legitimate? I've seen them attract many tourists who most likely have no medical need for cannabis...

    Thanks guys!:smoke:
  2. they pretty much just shut shit down in LA
  3. haha I'm aware, I've been paying attention to the news. However I'm close to Santa Monica, which I heard will still have its dispensaries open.
  4. Just don't set us another 5 years back.
  5. does anyone know of how the ban will be in LA is it just city limits or is it LA county?
    where will the closest place to buy be? will I be able to buy in Hollywood or the Valley at all?
  6. [quote name='"LCgirl"']does anyone know of how the ban will be in LA is it just city limits or is it LA county?
    where will the closest place to buy be? will I be able to buy in Hollywood or the Valley at all?[/quote]

    Come to OC or corona/ riverside
  7. Yes it will take a while for the ban to take effect and I believe some of the older dispensaries will stay open. If not OC is just 30 min away. Santa Ana has a lot of dispensaries.

    As far as your card insomia and anxiety are perfect conditions to get your recomendation. Ever broke a bone? Pain is another good reason to get a recomendation. It's wide open here in CA.
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    And this is is what's going to get mmj taken away from most if not everyone in Cali within the next year or two. I hope they make it more strict so only people with serious illnesses like aids and cancer have access.
  9. Doubt it. Blame the doctors not the people paying. Why move it backwards everyone is tryign their best to keep medicine going for everyone don't try to exlude people becuse they have no serious illness, because their the ones fighting for those who cant leave the bed becuase of that illness.

  10. Not going to happen. They said the same thing when the bill passed. It won't last and here we are? You know how hard it will be to go backwards. Pandoras box is open!
  11. this thread is starting to get a littleeeee out of hand.
  12. It's medical for a reason. You have to have an illness to get medication. OP says he can't sleep without it. That may or may not be a reason. Too me it sounds like he is now psychologically dependent on the MMJ too help him sleep because he uses it too get too sleep. Kind of a catch 22 too me. But he may convince the Dr he needs it.

  13. Its just in the city of LA not the county.
  14. They been sayin they been was gunna close all the shops down for years- some shops get closed down then reopen 2 weeks later. Don't buy into all the hype.

    One shop round the corner of my pad got closed down, so they started slanging thru the security guard they had.

    You will find 98% of marijuana dispensarys are owned by Armenians (hey they got great prices, friendly, an hook u up)

    99% of shops have a "first time patient promotion" where they give u free herb, pipes, edibles, ect) so for a while I would only go to shops I never been to, to get free shit.

    Some dispensarys hire nothing but sexy ass chicks :)

    Ignore these people saying " oh your just abusing the system, blah blah blah"- don't lisen to these haters, they just wish they can walk up to a store and buy weed, hash, edibles, clones, ect whenever they want and cheap prices. Their just jealous.
  15. Please review the "Do You Qualify" sticky thread in Medical Marijuana Forum. And don't forget we do not allow discussions of fraudulently gaming the MMJ system to get a recommendation.
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