Moving to apartment.. help?

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  1. I'm legal, but the apartment that I will be living in is on the first floor. I'd like to get a grow tent to go in my room, but how can I safely vent the air out of the window? This means no smell.

    I'll be using a 400w light, flowering 4-6 at a time.
  2. Even if your legal I wouldn't vent out of a window in a apartment complex. Popo will be all over you In a sec

    don't know the size of your grow. I'd just turn my ac on low and recirculate the air out of the room, but still in the apartment

  3. Would I be able to avoid the smell somehow?

    You're talking about "scrubbing" the air?
  4. carbon filters?

  5. I guess I'm going to have to understand recirculating the air.. :devious:

    My guess is having the fan beside the tent, but installing a carbon filter.. It seems like it would raise the temperature, so that's where the AC comes in.. I guess?
  6. Yeah use a carbon filter

    example. Your using an entire room of your apartment to grow. Purchase a door and cut two holes in your new door. One for clean air and one removes the hot smelly air with the carbon filter. No smell
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    I definitely only have one room to do it with and can't have any sign of it from anywhere besides the confined space, which is why I want a tent. The roommate is okay with me doing this, but I don't need any nosy neighbors of visitors.

    Should I order this?
  8. Seems like a solid purchase. Good reviews

    672 cfm rated fan with a carbon filter.

    336 cfm rated fan without the filter

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