Moving to a new state/school sucks!

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. So SWIM went from going to a college where he was at for 4 years which eventually resulted in him aquiring trees from his own roommates and close friends, which completely took the shadiness out of smoking and it was really the life. Now, SWIM has started at a new school (Major nationally known school) but SWIM knows no one and even worse knows no one that smokes because he happens to be in a highly intensive academic program that is seperate from the actual school, even though it is on the same campus and he even lives on campus. He just doesn't interact with any of the other students as he has his classes in a seperate building which none of the other students have to go to. SWIM is afraid that smoking may have to curtail for a while until he meets people who indulge in similar hobbies, but SWIM is also very worried that maybe he never will meet these people and that most people his age has stopped smoking. Not a happy time in SWIM's life at the moment.
  2. SWIM thinks Grasscity is based in the Netherlands, in which case you don't have to say SWIM all the time.
  3. Look for hack circles, people playing frisbee, people smoking cigs, and just strike up a convo and leadi t towards cannabis use.

    When I first went to college I went to a circle of kids smokng cigraettes, lit one up, and said "anyone know where ic an find some bud?"

    Worked like a charm.
  4. yea, SWIM isn't in college anymore, that is the problem. :( SWIM goes to graduate school now and is almost completely seperate from the college kids.

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