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Moving to a new city

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Frenchy789, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. As my name suggests, I'm French, I've lived in the states for a while but I still consider myself French (Fluent French, know the country etc.) Anyhow, I'm moving back this summer with my parents (I'm a year into high school)

    I'm moving to Lyon, a pretty big city (second largest in France) and I'll be attending a new school and everything, I'm kind of concerned about

    A. Finding bud in a new city, I'm moving halfway through summer so I'm gonna have to get some without going to school which is how I'm probably going to make friends and connects. Should I just approach random people that look like stoner's?


    B. Should I expect to get drug tested at any time? I don't know why I would be but I'm a bit paranoid.

    Merci Beaucoup GC! :D
  2. there's about a million of these kinds of threads on the forums, use the search option
  3. edit your post
  4. Obviously nobody is going to direct you to a connect why even ask? How do you find your original connects?... do the same shit

    These threads are seriously not needed, your asking a question that really has no answer to it. If you find it good, if you don't then oh fucking well I suggest taking up drinking

    But props on the Big L avatar.. Big L, fucking GOAT
  5. Ok sooo yeaaaah you are a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL right? And most people will tell you to go around asking or make friends in this new city and see if there is a connection there.

    But good luck finding it in france, is it popular there? I cant picture french ppl smoking lol

    And why would you be tested? new job?? if not then do not worry. After re reading your post, you will find kids in the school that smoke, if you buy from someone older like a super senior, since you are a senior-make sure u are not getting ripped off.

    Let us know how it goes

    You're welcome.
  7. Sorry o_O Didn't mean to piss you guys off ha, I was a lil baked when I wrote that so it might not all be super coherent.

    I'm saying my issue is that I won't be in school for 2 months because of summer, so I won't have anywhere to really make friends for a while.
  8. dude you didnt offend, if u are under 18 u will get booted.

    try headshops or hang around them, if they have them in france
  9. atleast you speak the language there :)
  10. Just because he's a senior in HS doesn't mean he's a minor.... there are plenty of 18 year old seniors out there....

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