Moving To A New City Sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by steezysmokah, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. I recenty moved to lousiville kentucky (ew a state very intolerant to marijuana use) and haven't smoked in about 6 months. I love to get high and where I used to live there was an abundance of great weed and bho concentrates, recently I have taken to drinking alot because I have been very bored and there isn't alot of friendly people to associate with.  Absolutely nobody I work with smokes (I work an office job) and I am a bit stumped on how to find any herb. Do y'all have any advice on finding smoke? Should I just grow up and face the fact I will never smoke again :(?

  2. I am from cincy, I go to Louisville for bball tournys. what you need to do is go to the hood find a gas station, and ask. I guarantee you should get hooked up in any hour. the can point you in the right direction or the may have some on them. it has always worked for me!!
    happy hunting.  
  3. ^ That sounds super sketchbag, but it works. I've used the technique while travelling abroad many times.
    "Hey man, you know where I can score some bud?"
  4. if you are in a new city and the place you work has no stoners that pretty much the only way if you don't want to mes with the cops. cause, if you do that in the suburbs some lame person will call the cops. in the hood they are trying to get money. 
  5. Maybe order some seeds and grow your own ?
  6. go to a jam band show or bluegrass, find someone heady looking and ask

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