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Discussion in 'General' started by phlatbeats, Feb 13, 2001.

  1. everything is moving so slow today. i hate being sick. does anyone have an suggestions of things to do to occupy time? i'm watching a movie and wandering around online.. but my interest is fading.

  2. Phlaty!!

    get napster and download your favorite collection, rent some cool movies, tuck yourself in bed with some good magazines 100 gallons of orange juice en you will be back in no time!

    get well!

  3. Napster is definately a cool site. As long as you have a larger hard drive! High speed access helps too!

    Get well soon!
  4. well, i did drink a lot of orange juice. and i'm goin to the doctor today.

    but, i don't have the napster thing goin on on my computer. it's such a lame box. the most valuable thing on my computer has got to be the glass screen (and this message board, he he!). as a matter of fact, just between you guys and me... i'm using windows 3.1

    i ended up watching movies and sleeping a lot. i'm a movie lova.

  5. even tho your day is almost done. you can always prank call people.
  6. windows 3.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonig to be sick! LOL, just kidding phlat, hope you get well soon!

    Ever considered to install Linux? Could work perfect on your machine.

  7. it isn't a machine i'm using.. it's prehistoric. and i also thought about installing a program that makes me money.. so i could buy a new computer. he he!!

  8. dont feel so bad, i dont even have a computer. its just a cardboard box with a dead mouse taped to it.
  9. lol@mjgarden. and i live in oakvile, but in america, st. louis. and we may be getting a basketball team. woohoo, that means more taxes. oh, gee i hope we get basketball. :p
  10. man, i wanna basketball team!

    my town has a highschool football team.. this was on the news here in california, don't know about anywhere else... but here's a funny/sad story.

    eight members of my town's highschool football team were recently convicted of rape. now yes, that's horrible you're saying. i know. but there's more to it.

    the rape included the sodomy of all team members who had just joined. their hazing ritual seemed to be raping newcomers up the ass... with a broom stick handle.

    YES... can we please have a basketball team INSTEAD!!
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  11. aeroblurg

    I live in one of the highest taxed cities in the US. Today on the news they said the city has a 1.5 Billion dollar debt. Duh.........Did we really need to build 2 new stadiums ???? And they're talking about building a new arena for the hockey team .( I might go for that ) Just seems like alot.....I mean ALOT of our tax money is getting pissed away.

    Thats my rant for this hour.....HeHeHe
  12. on our local fox news station thay have "you paid for it" its where reporters report on how our tax dollars are pissed away. like recently 1million was spent on renavating a bulding thats going to be blown up, like it got new walls, new desks and all that. it pisses me off on how govt pisses away money.
  13. Ughh i hate being sick man it's like your the devil's ass when your sick.
  14. shit this is the oldest thread ive seen here
  15. Take a napster and download the hidden truths of your sub-conscious mind through dreaming

  16. Great advice i prefer to watch some old school cartoons though :laughing:

    Also OP a nice hot glass of water lemon juice and honey does wander's.
  17. Weed. Smoke, make edibles, or even some weed tea. Then curl up in bed with a nice warm blanket and something funny to watch.

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