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Moving plants from soil to hydro DWC

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by GooDgUyThaTgUy, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. So I got myself 3 clones, bottom left: 2 weeks, middle: 1 week and top right: 1 day (soon to be four)...


    ...from this funky looking mama (seed grown from bag shwag, just went into flowering about 2 weeks ago and I recently have started a sort of no fuss scrog experiment where you train the plant to lay horizontal against a wall, the stems actually act as the screen, you train the bud stems to form a canopy and train the fan leaves to go below the canopy, so far pretty so good :)...


    ...anyway to get to the point, as you can see my baby clones are in peat pellets, in soil. I've just figured this method of cloning out to a tee, only problem is I'm now looking to ditch the dirt and bring on the watery goodness. I dont want to chuck these clones I've started, I was hoping there was a way I could somehow get those babies out of the dirt and into seperate DWC Buckets. I would imagine I could just take the plant and soil out of the pots and put them in the sink with water running. Slowly taking off chunks of soil til' all that's left are the roots. But would that cause the plant to get sick or possibly die? Also, once I have the plants free of the soil how can I get it into a DWC bucket? Would I need to use rockwool or just stick them right in the clay pebbles? Well thanks for reading, hopefully someone has a technique I could go with safely. Later GC.
  2. seeing that there is no posts ill tell you what i know about it. yes you can transplant it from soil to hydro. first when u tip it out and get the soil all out be carefull with it when your taking the dirt off the roots if you mess with the roots to much it might go into shock and die. what i'd do would be just flush it with water and clean them up with that. as for putting them in the pots if there is to much root growth it would be bad for the roots, if most of the roots can get though the hole thats good, maby getting a net pot with big holes. some people have done it without a medium and use some thing like wire rapped around it to hold it up and covered up any light entrance with anything that will block out light.
  3. See the terminoligy across the pond, confuses me sometimes, is the dwc a dripper system ?if so it should be not be a problem maybe suffer a bit of shock but it will survive just bung it in and fill up with the pebbles
  4. Some of my bubble buckets have soil as the substrate. Sort of a soil/DWC hybrid, and it works pretty well.
  5. When you clone you're mothers then you can put them on hydro at once. When you put them in soil for a few weeks you'll get a hard time transferring them to hydro because of the roots who already started growing.

    Buy some starter cubes (6x6x6 cm rockwool cubes with a whole in the middle) and place them there with the soil around the roots. Make sure you through the cubes in a bucket of water and A and B supplements and then sqeeze it. Then you put you're clone in the middle of it and place the whole set on a rockwool slab wich is full with water.

    Don't give you're plant any water for about 6 days and put the lights on 16-8.

    After 6 days put them on 12/12 and it will flower
  6. HIGH All, well you'd have to leaf the peat pellets alone and take O.F.F.F. as much soil as possible....here is a couple of pics transplanting, on page 2.
    When first transplanting them into the DWC bucket you will have to hand water them till the roots come out of the net pots and then when they hit the water (solution) watch out.
  7. So I just take the plants, remove the soil from the roots, throw it into the Net Pots on the DWC Bubbler and cover the roots with Hydroton? Do I need to throw some Hydroton into the Net Pots before I drop in the plants? Do I need to pull some of the roots thru the Net Pots into the water? Is there anything else I need to do?
  8. HIGH All, yes put some Hydroton in the bottom first and no you don't need to put the roots though...you just have to make sure you hand water till you see roots coming out of the bottom of the pots.
  9. I've done this by pulling the roots through the net pots and also by just coiling the roots in the bottom of the net pot. The coiled roots took a few days longer to get going but they grew bigger and faster in the long run.
    One thing I would add is to start out the nutes very slowly (maybe 1/4 strength) for the first week, then run up to a normal ppm gradually over the second week. Strong nutes for DWC buckets are about equal to what most manufacturers call a very conservative feeding for their nutes, so go easy on the nutes and watch for tip burn on the leaves.

  10. This discussion is 7 years old.
  11. LOL, forums can be hilarious huh? sorry i sort of bumped it again.

  12. Who cares how old it is? The sort of info stays the same forever! I'm glad this site keeps things like this for a long time.
    I just moved 24 babies that are 6-12" tall from dirt to DWC hydro.
    Started the PPM at 500 and burned them all a bit. Then lowered the water down below the baskets and just hand watered them with 200ppm solution for two days before bringing up the water level again.
    They liked that slow intro much better than being sort of thrown off into the deep end. They probably would have been fine if I'd just started them off at 200ppm for a couple days.
    Seven days later, they've got 3-5" roots busting out everywhere and I've slowly moved the ppm back up to 500 where they seem pretty happy.
  13. im glad it worked.

    but i am just curious as to why you would ever do such a thing (soil to hydro)?

  14. soil can buffer pH much better and may be a little safer for small plants, is my guess....

    not sure, but I guess the info should be out there to help people do so successfully...
  15. the only reason i can think of would be because he received some plants in soil from a friend, but he had a hydro set up........yeah........i probably just answered my own question right there. see what great ideas hash oil on weed can give you! :p

    ide definitely find it interesting if there is another reason behind what he did.

  16. Well I had a soil plant, and I run hydro, but I wouldn't dare move it from soil to hydro. It just doesn't have the root structure to support it.

    And I was just saying it's a 7 year old discussion because it seemed like you were anticipating a response. :eek: Not talking any trash, just seemed like you may have been unaware.
  17. Oh, god no, lol. I was hoping for an answer from the guy that bumped the thread.

  18. Ah I see.

    Carry on. :wave:

  19. The roots will be weak at first but she will bounce back with a vengeance. Why hydro instead of soil? No its not easier but better yields, better quality if you have the know how, faster crops, many reasons. I do advanced nutrients in a 15 site nft system and then 10 organic soil. Also have 5 mothers for cloning in dirt.

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