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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Coney dobie, May 7, 2016.

  1. Putting my vegging plants outside may tenth. I have three started from seed under 24 hour light with they start flowering to bad until may?

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  2. Where do you live?
  3. I'm in Ohio and I'm putting mine out tomorrow..I'm receiving 14 hours of sunlight... I did the same last year.. But not till June and it was fine

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  4. Clones, and seedlings older then a month go out June 1st not before.. And they should have been time matched by raising them from seed under 16-8..
    Seeds can be directly planted outside May 1st as the young plants are not light aware for about 30 days from sprout..
    Outside this range you'll need additional lighting to keep them in veg till June 1st
    Solar dusk till dawns from home depot..
    Hampton Bay Outdoor Solar Black LED 70 Lumen Spotlight-SS23C-M8-BKT-CPK1 - The Home Depot
    Anything will do even a simple backyard flood can be enough to hold them in veg..

  5. Well I got my three girls out in the woods already they were to obvious to keep in my back yard I'll just have to hope and wish

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