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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Smitty619, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. My friend's lookin to move his 3 foot tall plant indoors. Not topped yet, and he wants to top it but I think 3 feet is too tall. Any problems? I currently have 3 sunblaze 21's producing 6000 lumens total, a sunblaze 48 putting out 40k lumens and 120 watts of CFL's giving off about 7000 lumens for a total of 53,000 lumens combined. I have 17 plants about 6 inches tall each, and decided to veg for 2 weeks and flower after 5 nodes form. They're currently flowering on their 4th day of flowering. I am a caregiver for 2 people so it's legal so cops gtfo its legal bro. Question is, will my friend's plant do better outdoors and have its harvest completed naturally at the end of autumn, or have 53k lumens of fluoros and be surrounded by 17 other plants. Also how bad would his 3 foot plant drown out my other plants?
  2. I never bring plants from outdoor to indoor. Good way to get pest really fast. It's my number one rule.
  3. I'd keep that bad boy out side..they grow so much bigger. I was growing myn inside for a while, then moved it joke my 8" plant doubled in size in one weekend.
  4. I never heard it this way , normally inside to out but it should work but the plants will get stressed and may start flowering.
  5. Ok thanks I was thinking that outside would be better and the stress from moving would put it back a week or so.Plus I already have 17 plants inside and that would reduce yield for mine as well as his 3 footer. Btw, what kind of yield do you think he should expect? 3 feet tall growing outdoors
  6. Why? just let her run
  7. My buddy thought it'd be better to grow inside and I was asking for him. I didn't think so, and thanks for answering the question guys.

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