Moving Out!

Discussion in 'General' started by kigy, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. So after continuous nagging from my family about smoking I decided to move out with my friend. Yesterday we moved into a 2BD apt and I only have to pay $300/month (anyone who knows Bay Area prices knows this is a steal) and I get my own room. I'm happy except I don't have internet so I won't be on GC for a couple months at the most. I'll miss it here tho :hello:
  2. Welcome to the beginning of your adult life. You will learn quickly about the fun you have without your parents around, as well as the massive responsibility involved with keeping your own place. And yea 300 is a steal for ANYWHERE in California. Whats the square footage?
  3. Not sure but at my mom's apt it's $1450/month for a 2bd/2bath and it's only a little smaller. It's definitely big enough for all 3 of us. The good thing is both my roomates smoke and one of them I can pay in weed to clean the entire house.
  4. Haha, that's tight man... congratulations. $200-$400 is about standard over here for a room... Sometimes you can find one as low as $100 to $150.
  5. Damn that sucks that you are losing the internet.. but at least you are gaining some freedom.
  6. i am moving out in a couple of weeks. $425 a month, all utilities except electric paid. free wireless internet too :)

    i'm stoked
  7. congratulations man :hello:

    hopefully you can get the interent soon(could try using wireless or something and stealing the neighbors internet:))

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