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Moving Out To Cali Need Some Insight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lovin Mary Jane, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Im trying to move to cali and now that i got my degree im trying to get a job over there. I want to get my medical card but im still kind of anxious to see if most likely my job will be randomly drug testing me. Any members out in cali now that got their card and get drug tested randomly?If so do you have a preffered way of passing it?

  2. We have enough people here as it is. Don't come all this way just to have a legal smoke. If you are interested in a job like you say you are, pick a state with a better job market.
  3. Y would u be tested for medicine.

    That's like testing someone for advil or antibiotics.
  4. Doesn't matter, if you come up with weed you won't get the job if they don't want you, regardless of a med card.

    Most jobs don't do routine tests unless you get a pharmaceutical, high security, type job. Most other jobs will only test once when you get hired. Those tests cost money, for a business something like that goes under ignorance is bliss. Keep them ignorant to it.

    Also the preferred way of passing? Anyway that passes man lol. Fake piss, detox kit, w/e it is, if it works who gives a fuck?
  5. DBX is right though. The job Market here is HORRIBLE i do not recommend coming here for the "Good Life" of the Sun, Money, and Legal Smoke. Actually go to North Cali and youll be better off.
  6. I was just going to say that. cali is crowded as fuck and overhyped like a motherfucker. i would never move to cali. nice place to visit but way over rated. It is nice though, it has almost every landscape you can imagine, just not my style

    I am however interested in moving to maybe washington state, utah, colorado all good tokin states
  7. also man, they almost every job that drug tests you once says it is "periodically". except that time comes once at the start and never again.
  8. does those states have the exact same laws like cali and clubs on the corner and streets and shit?
  9. guys let him move where he wants to get a career going.. the market is horrible everywhere
  10. LOLOLOLOL someone said California is overhyped. Sorry sir but it is appropriately hyped. We have every advantage I can think of over other states, besides the bad economy, but thats happening everywhere. I've been to many many states and still am glad to live where I do. People from other countries say America is overhyped, too. Haters goin' hate.
  11. Open a weed dispensary if u went to school for business
  12. I want to move out of Cali. No reason to come here...
  13. Not in Montana my man... were one of 8 state that ARENT in debt (Montana not making any additional preparations concerning debt ceiling | | Z7 | Bozeman, Montana) WE GOT OVER 300 MILLION IN THE BANK.

    Bozeman Montana is the #9 pot capital in the nation... but i would consider Oregon, Colorado, Wahington, Montana, Arizona, and even Alaska... lots of jobs up there. Bozeman is truly where it's at though
    That's where i get all the serious cheap dank from (700-800/qp or 100g always)
    Pot Capitals 2011 - The Daily Beast

    And It's the fastest growing city in the state next to billings... which is where i reside. Bozeman is only 2 hours away from me haha, it's only got like 80-90k people in the whole county

    OP dont move to socal... it's not that great. :rolleyes: (norcal is great however... i would consider the triangle, bay area or redding area even)
  14. Get a place in view of the moutains of colorado and yiur good to go
  15. O so you're saying anywhere in the West pretty much haha, this is my view from the backporch... 10,000-12,800ft peaks... tisktisk
  16. If you like forest and don't mind rain, move to washington NOW! Seriously, it's a beautiful state.
  17. as you know lulz... i love washington... born in tri cities my mang... but southeast and southcentral washington sux (yakima/tri cities/walla walla/wenatchee) spokane is ok but honestly.... Seattle, Bellingham, Bellevue, and Vancouver (not canada) are the sweet cities. Oregon is amazing... cheapest weed in america... for sure. :eek:
  18. so washington has despensaries and all that too?if so what cities cause i use to live in SEA
  19. Just named all the good ones for you man... Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Olympia... good weed all throughout the states... you dont need a card to get weed you know... sure you may be legal but the northwest is awesome... you just need to know some patients and/or growers... it's quite easy. :smoke:
  20. Damn props homie i appreciate it

    yea i love the town and actually might consider moving there instead but i will see


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