Moving Out Of State To Follow My Passion And Get Into The Cannabis Industry

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  1. Hope your days goin well :)
    I Live near chicago Illinois and have a very serious passion for cannabis an its medicinal uses. I have been trading commodities independently for the past 3.5 years but trading isn't my passion and I would LOVE to start a compassionate dispensary somewhere "legal". I realize I would most likely have to start off trimming / budtending / anything i could in order to build some contacts in the local industry before starting my own delivery service or end goal a brick and mortar shopfront.
    I would really appreciate ANY info / suggestions into
    1. \tWhat Area would be conducive to start a delivery service / storefront dispensary. This is what i am finding to be the hardest. Since i have no family or connections out west its very hard for me to judge what area would be best for me to relocate to
    2. \tHow to get my foot in the door of the industry
    3. \tAny classes you attended or have heard were beneficial
    4. \tAnything you believe would be helpful to someone just starting off in the industry with an end goal of starting their own storefront
    Thanks for your time :) much love and appreciation

  2. My advice? There are too many dispensaries as it is and it's harming the movement. The reason places are trying to ban them is because in some places they are on every corner like starbucks. I suggest trying to get into something where you won't be risking prison time. 
  3. What would you recommend me looking into as far as getting into the cannabis industry? I am not looking to get rich quick but merely to put what i do have monetary towards my passion which is cannabis and helping those in need 
  4. Why not wait? Isn't Illinois close to legalizing for medicinal use already?
  5. Follow your passion. I would say colorado would be where i would go
  6. There are schools you can get accreditation from. Google those. There is not enough dispensaires in Northern Cali. Southern California is inidated with delivery services. I suggest you look into being a caretaker for an MMJ patient. Good luck!
  7.   Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.  Henry David Thoreau
  8. Not Colorado. The market is already saturated, with many dispensaries having gone broke, and cheap MMJ everywhere. The new "legal" industry will be highly regulated; not fun unless you want to live daily with authorities looking up your ass.
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    Yea dude honestly, I LOVE WEED. No shit. I also want to get into the industry but its something you really have to think about. Im from the West San Fernando Valley, and LITERALLY there are dispensaries like right next door to each other. Its cool and all having the luxury to pick and choose which dispensary to visit, and Weedmaps makes it ridddiculously easy, but there are waaaay too many dispensaries. In fact there was just a voting for a proposition to limit the number  of dispensaries because there are new ones popping up every single day and all in the same area. People are really stupid about it and dont care too much about the Bigger picture. 
    Feds and lawmakers get pissed when there are more dispensaries than fucking Mcdonalds..seriously thats when you know theres too many. Im not a hater or anything I myself would love to open a dispensay, but if your too late then your too late. 
    While I definately enjoy the perks of all these dispensaries, like comptetition(cheap prices),
    Ppl are fucking the game up for Others. Especially the owners that actually give a shit about the patients. These are the owners that make sure they sell top notch meds, and test everything.
    Then you have the clubs starting out, or the clubs owned by some GREEDY ASS FUCKERS that straight up charge like $20-25 a GRAM! These are the well-known dispensaries too that have made a name for themselves. Quality aint cheap thats forsure, but when clubs cop their bud off local home grower, they lowball the FUCK outta you. (Random Example) They will buy from you for well under $100 an ounce, and flip that same ounce for 4 bills!
    Its smart but not chill...its greedy. My homie makes wax and supplies to the club. He met with one of the owners who wanted to buy his (BHOMBB) wax for $5 a gram! And resell it for $40 a gram??? Im sorry but thats ridiculous. What happened to ''Non-profit''???
    Making money is lovely but people are greedy and make it hard for others.
    But yea I forgot about the point of the thread...Definately follow your dreams, just do it the right way ya feel?
    I can help you out on where to open up shop and all that.
    Also there is a college meant specifically for ppl like you! Its called Oaksterdam University, look that shit up! Im planning on attending it as well, not 100% sure yet though. If you want to gain knowledge though and ''volunteer'' and a dispensary, the San Fernando Valley and LA has insane amounts of dispensaries. Im sure at least 1 of them would appreciate you hittin them up for a ''voluntary position''
  10. It is but it will all be run by the state
  11. Thanks brotha iv been looking into different university's / weekend classes and Ebooks. I appreciate your incite into norcal's lack of dispensarys 
    I know exactly what cha mean when you speak about doing it the right way. Its sad what greed can do
  13. Hell yea bro...goodluck though buddy hope all our dreams come true
  14. Colorado man or California. But I'm just dropping by to say good luck in your endeavors. :wave:

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