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Moving out of parents house, finally dont have to hide pieces or sack. what all should i get?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jiggy_gurl30, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. #1 jiggy_gurl30, Jan 19, 2014
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    so im moving out of my parents house and theyve been bitchin at me about my usage of weed. of course they dont like it, understandable. but now that im getting my own place i want to know what kind of pieces i should buy/ start out with? i've only smoked out of papers, blunts, bubblers, chilums, and pipes. ive tried a vaporizer once or twice. and ive never tried an actual bong other than it was home made. so i wanna know what are some good pieces i should get for my new home. should i get a grinder? whats worth it and whats not? help me out here to havin an awesome summer   :yay:  :ey:

  2. buy everything you get bro!
  3. What ever you prefer best really.
    Though once you get your own place, it's always good to have a nice bong.
  4. Buy a portable vape and a grinder with Kief catcher. If you smoke a lot you will save the money back quick because vapes conserve a lot. Mine cut my weed use in half. Also way better for your lungs and the smell goes away within 10 mins. I reccomend the davinci portable vape. Also if you save already vaped bud you can make edibles. Same with KiefA
  5. well im not really knowledgable on bongs i dont understand how all the attachables work. so what kind of bong should i get/ what attachments would u recommend?
  6. Depends on your budget what piece you should get..and yes grinders are worth it.
  7. i didnt know vaped bud was still usuable afterwards??
  8. For edibles or concentrates. Some smoke it but I wouldn't recommend thatA
  9. thanks i think ill look into getting one of those vape blunts along with a bong closer to the summer
  10. Good idea A
  11. Get a nice glass-on-glass bong with an ice catcher (to catch ice for cooler hits) and if you want, an ash catcher which will help keep the bong clean longer and can add more drag/allow you to milk longer per hit.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity F
  12. Congrats on getting your own place, nothing beats living under your own rules. I agree with bloodysita, definitely get you a nice bong, I'd look at the scientific glass, grasscity has a few entry level's for cheap cheap, and they look pretty decent!
  13. i would get a decent bong and definitely get a grinder. congratulations on moving out :) 
  14. Buy a fat loud pack and put it in a bowl on the kitchen table.
  15. U do realize u still have to hide your pieces right? If u have a landlord/ someone installing somthing, police cme knocking for whatever reason lol Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. ^simple as putting everything out of sight lol
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    Grinder for sure; stoner 101. A four chamber is probably the best, with a kief screen.For a first piece, a bong or bubbler would be a good bet. Whatever you choose, take your time with the decision and make sure you get something you really like for a price you really like.In terms of non-smoking paraphernalia, I would recommend keeping a large container of isopropyl alcohol in the house, for cleaning glass and stainless steel pieces. I also recommend buying eye drops if you plan on hanging out with anybody who you don't want to know you're high (landlord, cops, etc); Rhoto's Greens are the best for stoner eyes.Good luck!
  18. #18 RickySpanishhh, Jan 24, 2014
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    Good for you bro ! It's a great ass feeling and you can actually enjoy your high in your own confines without parents buzzing around. I love lightin up while layin in bed, you feel like a fuckin BOSS ! Haha.But yeah get a grinder for sure. I smoked only blunts when I lived with parents and occasionally from a bowl or a friends bong. I always wanted a bong but it's a little hard to hide so when I got my own place I got me a nice bong and another nice glass piece. OH ! and always got the 60 count boxes of swisher sweets on deck lmao. I like to have a little variety for friendsSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. for eye drops i always use visine is rhotos better? thanks ill def be lookin into that
  20. hahaha that is clownin shit cant wait for this summer! right now i have keep everything on the low smokin blunts. i had pieces in the past but my parents found em and my 3 piece grinder and destroyed them with a hammer IN FRONT OF MY EYES.. tragic

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