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  1. Well shit. Okay here's my situation, i live with my mom, partially because i don't want her to live alone, and because where i live its very difficult to find a job, and because of my stupidity im a grade behind in school. Now I've never lived anywhere else except my small town. Born and raised, i seriously have some crazy story i can tell about almost every street in this town. Just recently, my mom got a boyfriend two states away and wants to sell the house and move in with him. This sucks for me because of my no income so I'm kinda stuck with her, and i still have to finish school. So i have to transfer schools, and all that bullshit. I've never been one for making friends, and I'm going to be dry for the foreseeable future. If i get lucky, i might be able to weed out the stoners, but I'm going to a private school when i get there. What are my chances of getting a new connect within a month or so? Like i said before I've never been a people person so its not like i can just walk up and chill with the stoners lol. Any advice?

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  2. What kind of private school?
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    Where are you moving to? Like what state.

    Stoners are different everywhere you go, but it's going to be almost analogous to the way you found stoners where you live now. Being in high school makes it all the more easy. Everyone in high school smokes.
  4. not super rich kid high class school, but the above average, trying-to-sift-out-the-gangs type place. Uniforms and what not

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  5. in northern Mississippi, I'm moving from north texas tho.

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    Should be easy. Just put off the vibe and look for the rebellious or more badass kids. Get in with them. If you see someone who looks stoned hint or w/e. You could try and go to a party too and see who has the bud passin around.
  7. Mississippi has tons of grass. I have some family in Meridian and we'd always get baked as fuck off the mids they get. Not the best bud and not the best place to be a stoner, but you won't have a problem.

    At the Neshoba county fair (you will learn about this when you move there, lol) I always found bud by asking the people who were playing drinking games and stuff. College age people. That way they won't get mad if they don't "have the nugs."
  8. that's my problem. I'm a bit of introvert so conversational skills aren't my stong suit. I'm kind of a quiet guy, and this guys daughter is going to be the one basically showing me around, and she's preppy as fuq.

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    That's ok i'm the same way i barely talk in class. You just have to make yourself get out there and do it ya know? You'll probably meet alot of people during that time that are worthless lol but you'll find the right guys eventually. Spend some time observing and scoping things out.
  10. i got fam in meridian too, :smoke::wave: my biggest problem is i don't talk to people very much, on account of my social anxiety. When im high i can decompress and talk to anyone

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  11. Preppy as fuck really has nothing to do with bud. I am really preppy dress-wise but anyone could tell I smoke. You should just ask her depending on how old she is?

    Don't fret man. You don't need to be the Dos Equis guy to ask someone where the tree is at.
  12. +Rep for the help, and for the dos equis refrence xD

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  13. Yea man! Don't be worried about the move either. Just go with the flow, be yourself at your new school, and I guarantee you will meet good people. Mississippi will not be culture shock from you moving from North Texas. Lots of hunting and that sort of culture. Some really nice folks if you meet the right ones.
  14. Ive been there before, spent time with fam, but I'm just uneasy about not having my safe non shady hook ups and friends and what not.

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    You'll be fine. Sure it sounds scary now, but that's only because you're imagining yourself outside your comfort zone. I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. I was born and raised in California just south of Los Angeles and during my sophomore year of high school my mom got a really good job offer in another state which meant we had to move Nebraska. I was fucking devastated at the time and remember thinking to myself "I got to move to some farm town and there's going to be no bud and everyone's going to be weird and ugly" hahaha it sounds extreme but that's how I felt and I was dreading the summer we had to move.

    Once we got into Omaha which was the city we had to move to, I remember being surprised that it wasn't some hick town and that it actually had tall buildings and people walking on the street. I thought to myself "yeah this sucks and I really miss all my friends but maybe this won't be as bad as I thought it was going to be" and I was right. Before I even started school that fall, I had already met this kid who lived two houses down from me. One day he asked me if I ever smoked pot and I told him hell yeah and that I was dying to get high. So I went over to his house and smoked some dank shit which I wasn't expecting and got high as hell with who would end up being my best friend.

    Anyways like I said, you'll be fine and you'll make friends in no time. I was supper nervous about moving and despite the extreme difference in culture, it only took about a month or two for Nebraska to start feeling like home. Sure I get homesick, but Im also glad we moved here because if we didn't I wouldn't have met all the awesome people I have. Other than the winters and lack of landscape, I enjoy living here and don't plan on moving back to California in the near future.
  16. UPDATE shit is awesome here. Smoke on the daily, got decent friends, and so on. If theres anyone in the grenada area hit me up

    "I smoke blunts to take the pain away, if i wasn't high id probably blow my brains away"
  17. Glad to hear everything went well man. See, you had nothing to worry about!

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