Moving into my own apartment!

Discussion in 'General' started by Nukes1337, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I'm moving into a one bedroom apartment, with a kitchen and bathroom and I'll be on my own for once in my life. I need some ideas on things to fill it with. I'm heavily influenced by asian culture.

    I already plan on getting these two things.

    Chinese Cherry Blossom Painting ORE International Black 4 Panel Plum Blossom Screen Room Divider: Kitchen & Dining

    Keep in mind, the place I am moving is in relation to the military, and they are not stoner friendly!

    Recommend me anything. Kitchen supplies, tvs, furniture, artwork, anything!
  2. you can find great deals on flat screens now-a-days, 42-46" 1080p definitely, samsung is good, vizios.. lazy boy recliner, long coffee table and a nice sinking in couch(where you just sink into the couch) blender for smoothies
  3. some pots and pans are a must. Cooking while stoned is amazing, and its cheaper and better for you than going out all the time, plus its fun.

    A cool area rug is nice, but those get expensive if you want something that is high quality.
  4. beanbags, futon, ambient lighting (ikea is great for this), food gadgets, drapes, couch. coffee table, desk/ work nook (ikea also or walmart), congrats man. i used to live on my own but due to cashflow i moved back home, no regrets just some lost stuff in the process
  5. Yeah that reminds me. I need someone to recommend me a great tv. I'm looking for something within the $500 dollar range and at least 30 inches. If anyone has any experience with tvs, hook me up with a link.


    I love to cook! I cant stand fast food. Today I made some great double sided grilled cheese for lunch and shrimp fried rice for dinner. YUM

  6. Chopsticks...
  7. This is actually a good idea, I cant believe I overlooked chopsticks. :eek:
  8. Get some sweet banzai plants, man. Fuck yeah. Pot plants are the shit.
  9. 360/ps3
    gonna sound dumb...but clock(s)
    water purifier
    potted plants?
  10. don't forget to stack up on toilet paper. don't get caught sitting on the shitter, with no paper to wipe your bum.
  11. phone a friend for some tpee haha
  12. there is a tv on sale here for the next 24hrs if your interested.
    Woot® : One Day, One Deal

    just thought id mention. and btw, im so blazed. :smoke::smoke:
  13. Kaliedascope Laser Light from Spencers.
    When you're're occupied forever...

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