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  1. Im about a month away from moving my plants outside to their forever homes. I have my light set at a 16/8. On at 5 am off 9pm. When i move them outside, there will be 15 hours of daylight but over 16 hours of civil twilight. Should I set my lights to the sun rise and set time? They are set very close to what the civil twilight will be at.
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  2. If your plants are totally out in the open, civil twilight could be bright enough for your plants to register. If they are more shaded, probably less so.
    I would probably try to split the difference. Ad 30 or so minutes, but not the full hour plus when calculating light.
    I would also think it would be better to error by using less light than more. An abrupt step down in light time I imagine would be more likely to trigger issues than an abrupt step up in light time.
  3. 15-9 or 16-8 is as low as you can run and keep them in veg. Set out June 1st is as good as you get. Really only the 30 days either side of the longest day (Summer Solstice) have long enough days to veg in outside. Call it May 20th to July 20th. By mid Aug I have stretching and buds. Don't fuss with the lights now. All you can do quickly is lengthen their day. To shorten without triggering flower has to be very gradual like 2 minutes per day. Sudden shortening will trip them sure as shit.

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  4. A little bit subjective to the plant genetics and location but I planted a mature girl outdoors mid april last year and didn't experience any flowering issues, indoor light was 24/0 for first few weeks then 18/6 for a few weeks. I used the following time chart to determine if the plant was likely to flower for my NE region. Since the amount of daylight hours is increasing in April, the plant wont create the hormones to trigger flower.
    Screenshot 2022-04-12 150810 - Copy.jpg

    Cannabis is a short day plant. This means it flowers when the days get shorter (fall/winter) although location dependent - Botanists' used to think the length of the day had the most important impact on when a plant would produce flowers. Later scientists discovered its the actual length of the darkness that had the most significant impact on the plant phytochromes"
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  5. IDK how but young plants put outdoors here in Fl early spring (febuary) when days r short, then long, then short again starting mid July-August seem to figure things out just fine. :confused_2:
  6. Im going to drop 1 min every other day. That will give me 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on when i put them outside for good
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  7. If you are worried about early flowering, look up gas lantern routine. I run two 15 watt leds for an hour around midnight. Your plants will not flower when the dark period is never exceeds 7 hours. When I want them to flower, I simply turn off the lights.
  8. Imo check your daylight time. Where I am we put our plants in May 24th, you can do it earlier, but May 24th is exactly 15h of daylight. You can check this on time and date . Com

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  9. May 24 for me is 15 hours and 4 minutes. That's 56 minutes less than the light schedule there on now. Weather looks good late this week, so i might start to harden them off. Bring them in at night to make sure they are getting enough light so not to pop into flower
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    If your nighttime temperatures stay warm you should be fine as far as worrying about them flowering AFA light anything over 14.5 hrs of light and they won't flower.

    IMO that hr your off is not gonna make them flower, At least IME. I've been further off than that before with no issues.
    They might be slow growing if the temperature is cooler but they shouldn't flower.
  11. I have been dropping one min every other day to get it close to 15.5. And at that time of year up here we gain right around 3 minutes a day.
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  12. 54CD7B0B-DAD8-442F-8C0B-CF0E16C1164A.jpeg 5AFC5135-9BD8-4225-B728-278B12ADC09E.jpeg Hello,
    Anyone could Tell me what is the brown thing and how to fix it? Is it dangerous or they will survive with time?
    Milk spray could handle it?
    Thank you in advance!
  13. When did it flower? I'm in upstate NY ,I could do this.
  14. ? Normal fall times
  15. You put it outside in April and it went to the fall? Must of been huge!
  16. They r subject to avail food, light, water & it's quality, strain type, the color of your panties etc. ;) like any other plant indoor or out. 1 can only hope they get huge. :Love-Plant:
  17. only 4 hrs of direct sun light per day
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  18. What strain?
  19. here
  20. Hardening off. Still about 2 weeks till they get put in there forever home. They are in 3 gallon pots now. Moving 2 into 50 gallon and 2 into 20 gallon pots

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