Moving in at night???

Discussion in 'General' started by zalzal010, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hello there... I just ran to the store for some water... bit after 10 at night, and I see 3 small moving trucks all parked kinda awkwardly. Now, I am kinda high, but me and my friend both agree that there's something rather sketchy about using 3 small trucks instead of 1 or 2 larger ones, and doing it in the middle of the night, when people are resting?

    My theory is somewhere along the vague lines of... they don't want people to see what they've got... and the trucks are for splitting up the evidence, whatever that might be.

    This is in an apartment complex in one of the few nice areas of the city, and I even considered some sort of... FBI stakeout or something, though I have no clue who they'd be watching. Does anyone have any idea why people would bother with the trouble of moving in the dark? Possibly, anyone who's done this themselves for a specific reason?

    I've considered strolling down that way, puffin a cigar so as to lower suspicion, just to see what I can see, but I'm pretty lazy and theres always the chance of getting mixed up in a Hollywood conspiracy that could put me in danger.
  2. To be honest with you, it may just be a moving company that operates with smaller trucks that made a long trip, causing them to arrive at odd hours (10 aint too late).
  3. Are they regular trucks or trucks that belong to some company? Yea it does seem rather odd to be moving in at night. I'm guessing your somewhere in California, am I right? Maybe the scorching heat is too much for them during the day. Haha I don't know, just an idea.
  4. I suppose I should have mentioned... I saw 1 uhaul truck, another one, black with some logo I didn't recognize, and I didn't get a good look at the brand of the third truck. Adds to the sketch, am I right? 3 small trucks... 3 different rental locations??
  5. Why are people always so uppity about those who are active during the night? Reminds me of Fahrenheight 451...
  6. You're sure they were moving in? Hopefully everything didn't get ripped.
  7. well I'm sure their close neighbors are even more suspicious than me... Moving is not exactly a quiet event.
  8. Man, I remember one night I was getting high in my backyard and I saw some guys around this car, it looked like they were breaking into it but I was so high that I couldn't tell.

    But anyways if the trucks are just parked there then maybe they're waiting for the morning to unload it or return it. When my brother moved into our house the truck they rented stayed at our house overnight.

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