Moving halfway across the country.

Discussion in 'General' started by Citizenk, May 12, 2010.

  1. My flight leaves tomorow at noon, from rural west Texas to Tampa Florida. I'm moving in with my girlfriend after being long distance for over a year and I've got a 19" beaker bottom with a 10 arm tree made by Everest glassworks waiting on me! first glass I've had in a few months, since police took mine from my dorm back in March. I'm excited about the move, but kinda nervous about the change of scenery.

    What is there to do in Tampa? I've been to the aquarium a few times, and I've spent some time wandering around Ybor. I'd love to meet some Tampa blades once I'm down there, I won't know many people when I arrive so PM me if you want to show a native Texan how you do things in Tampa :smoke:
  2. if you like fishing, tampa has some of the best pier and surf fishing in the world, literally. It's incredible fun if you learn the tricks of the trade. Nothing like taking a big barracuda or king mackerel on a pier with buddies.
  3. I do enjoy fishing, and get alot of it here in Texas, I'm worried about how much the big oil spill will affect fishing in the gulf, though it may not matter in the bay. Where are some good spots to drop a line?
  4. Beware of giant bugs! and Alligators chillin in your backyard!

    Haha Florida is cool as hell, but the bugs get me everytime.
  5. yeah and prepare for the humid ass weather.

    i'd say that people drive like shit cuz they're either really old or well...idk retarded. but i've been to texas and the driving isn't much better. oh and yeah not as many pick up trucks. haha
  6. Clearwater/St. Pete/Indian Rocks Beach, Busch Gardens, MOSI um there are a lot of places to go on Fowler/Nebraska Ave. including restraunts, smokeshops, ect just driving up and down. The old Sunshine Skyway bridges are full of great fishing with Kingfish/mackeral season in now.

    There are a ton of places I could go on forever man. I really like to go to Lowry Park Zoo while I'm stoned.

    I've been living in Tampa for about 13 years.
  7. I just wanted to say congratulations on the move! I love when I hear about people stepping it up and making long distance relationships work by actually transforming the relationship from long distance to not so, and making it happen.

    Kudos to you!

  8. There will be one more when I get mine here in June :cool:

    My girlfriend and I definitely have plans for Bush gardens, and a trip to the MOSI stoned. What type of tackle am I using for mackeral? I'm used to catching catfish and bass, pier fishing will be a new experience :)

    And thank you zoranj, this is a move we've both been ready for for a very long time, I definitely feel like my life is where it should be finally.

    I'll let you all know how it goes, my plane leaves in a couple hours and I'm still not packed, sitting on grasscity and wasting time while smoking one last bowl ftw!

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