Moving Girls to apartment, please help!

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  1. I am losing a roommate and now have to move to a smaller place. I cant afford a house by myself , so i have been thinking of reting a 2 bedroom apartment, for me and my ladies. My setup is pretty big, about 20 plants and 2k. I just bought a CAN 50 filter combo, it sucks like 2 dollar crack whor, but gets the job done none the less.
    So I got smell under control, I guess Im mostly worried about maintenence people or a land lord coming in. Does this happen? Ive never lived in an apartment before so I have a lot of uncertainties about this whole thing. Anyone have any good advice? Moving all this stuff up stairs and down hallways has me pretty freaked out too.
    To make matters worse I have to start moving next months and I will have some stinky ones a brewin. This is going to be mission impossible, amsterdamm style.

    Please help!!
    Stoned sober
  2. whats up dude. i live in an apartment with about half the plants you have, and when i first started growing that was a big concern of mine too--say all of a sudden im sleeping quietly then BAM the bathtub from upstairs comes crashing through the ceiling and the maintenance guys gotta come in. another one to worry about is firefighters. they come into the building whenever the fire alarm goes off, and im always worried that if there is a real fire they would check the surrounding apartments for more fire and maybe find my plants.

    when youre moving them, put them inside big contractor trash bags so no one can see.

    as for the odor, i have my shit all in my bedroom and i just leave the window open. my fans are on all the time and i havent noticed any odor at all (with no filters) all throughout flowering even up to today--harvest day. check and see what the walls of your apartment are made out of. my place has cinderblock between adajacent apartments and concrete floors and ceilings, so that might prevent what little smell there is from spreading.

    good luck
  3. mail those plants overnight to me LOL
  4. Where I live, landlords are required to give you 24 hours notice of entrance unless it's an emergency.

    I've lived in my apartment for years, and the only time the guys have come into my apartment is when my air conditioning went out and I called them to come fix it. Just make sure your grow box is somewhere were the landlord will never need to be.
  5. I grow in an apartment closet and in my experience the landlords and maintnace dudes only come in when there is a problem and will normally give you enough notice to get your shit done. Is there general maintnace guys that come in all the time check your lease and see when the pest guys, fire inspectors, air conditioner filter changing engineer, etc., comes in and do what you gotta do. Keep in mind nobody knows your growing weed other than the folks here (I promise we wont tell) so as long as you dont do anything suspicious no one will suspect you of anything I think the chances of a mintnance guy poppin on your grow are very low if it is well concealed (as well as you can hide a grow) in a closet for instance. I know I am super paranoid all the time about people comming in my place but, even though it is unlikely I always worry goes with growin. Hope this helps peace.
  6. I've had 3 inspections in the last year I've lived in my current appartment, they never check closets, you might be able to stash it all if they need to come in. landlords/management companys/etc are required to give notice in the states make them come back if they don't (just don't make it seem like you need to hide something, be chill about it :smoke: )

    As long you don't have a flood incident you should be pretty safe.

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