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  1. These are my babies at about 4 weeks after sprouting, the have been growing in my apt under just a 150w light. I know this is shitty so I want to put them on my deck to get a better yeild, are they ready to make the move and is there any precautions I should take when they are outside? I am only going to put them outside for the light period and bring them in for the dark so it can be 100% for the time needed. Any suggestions on what I'm about to do or how to make the grow better would be greatly appreciated...


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  2. i dont know the answer but they look like nice plants,,,,why not just keep them inside
  3. I want to keep them inside but someone told me that they won't bud if I use the light that I am using now. I only want to put them in the sun to get some kind of yeild.
  4. just make sure its not too cold, if theres no frost put them out, if its really hot the sun might burn the leaves because of such a change, so if thats the case only put them out for a few hours a day at first then in a week or two leave them out all day.
  5. Dont stress the plants with inconsistent light schedules...they'll turn into hermies
  6. I also move my plants from indoors to outdoors daily to catch the best of the sun (some 10 or so hours of it).

    There are a few points to be aware of:

    1. Bugs will invade your indoor growspace. There is no avoiding it so you will have to treat regularly.

    2. Moving plants in and out increases the risk of someone catching you with them.

    3. You must be as consistent as possible with the outdoor light times. Try not to vary the amount of sunlight the plants get each day. And bring them in well before the sun starts to fade (even a little bit can mess up your plants cycles)

    4. When you are flowering, point number 3 is especially important!

    I hope that helps...
  7. How have they not started flowering yet and if they havent started flowering outside id let them be and just let them harvest because it doesnt look like you have a grow room up and running...
  8. If you have 150w of HPS the plants should grow inside okay. The prob you will have is the space needed for 4 plants under only one 150w light.

    If you only grow 2 under that light and let them really grow, you will have more bud than 4 plants fighting for light.

    Im finding this out right now. Ive got 4 plants fighting for light under 220w of HPS and about 200w of floro. The light is good, but in order to keep the plants in the bright rays they crowd each other some. Next cycle ill only have two plants.

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