moving clones from t-5's

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  1. I'm moving my first clones from t-5's to the big light. My question is: should i go with 400MH or 600MH and should i go with 18/6 or 24 hr light cycle?? Thanx.
  2. Are you still vegging? So as not to stress them, I use a few layers of window screen material over the new plants when placing them under the big lights, or just keep them far away. I personally like my plants to have some dark time. It just seems like the kind thing to do for them.
  3. Yeah still veggin till they're 12". Window screen??? Why?
  4. the window screen will filter the light. so it's not so bright.
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    Go 18/6, I am not an expert but I have not find any prove that 24/7 makes significant difference(IF ANY AT ALL) VS 18/6, but 18/6 will be cheaper to run...
    I had my plants for less than a week(from germination) under 150W cfl and then placed them under 600W MH 12" high. So far so good, they are on the 2nd week of flowering. as long as heat is not an issue you will be fine. You can look at my "monsters" to reassure yourself.

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