Moving back to ATL :)

Discussion in 'General' started by sirene, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Hi you guys :)

    Im sorry that i havnt been posting much but im in the middle of a move. Ill be done this weekend so .. ill be posting ALOT more. Im moving back to ATL from Knoxville. I cant wait. Its gonna be so much better than here ... LOL.

    Anyways, just wanted to let yall know wuts up. Folks from ga pm me :)

  2. damnit, my aunt just moved from ATL to philly... i used to visit her a lot. atlanta is a cool city. we were right where the bomb went off at olympic park 1 hour before it blew up... my sister was tired and wanted to go home so we left early.

    and even if the city sucks ass (which it doesn't, im just sayin if it DID), im sure it would still bebetter than Knoxville. ;p

    go eat at the Flying Biscuit... damn i miss those biscuits w/ applebutter for breakfast :(

  3. You should have moved just west of Nashville.. Here is where the fun is:D.

  4. ummmm yeah, im gonna have to say that the words 'Tennessee' and 'fun' should never be used in the same sentence... ever ;p

  5. You haven't been to my part of Tennessee..

    Not all parts of TN are boring...

    The party is where you make it!!!!
  6. great city, great bud, great food... have fun!

    *pm sent
  7. yeah, definitely great bud. everything is good about this city except the traffic....but almost the cheapest gas in the nation. Bud ain't cheap either, but great quality. Are there enough Atlantans here to have our own GC chapter? LOL... j/k Superjoint!!! I'd love to meet some more folk here but I'm just too damn paranoid! Toke on!

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