Moving away from a state because of horrible laws?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Florida is such an awesome and nice state, but their laws here are completely "not friendly" and highly outrageous, they have the worst grass laws in the country it seems. It stresses me out so much living in a place like this where one fukup and my entire life is ruined, I'd rather be at a place like CA or wherever and be able to do what I do legally.
  2. i hear ya mang. im in rod r blagojobitch's republic of illinois and the bass akwords "gun control" laws are out of hand and getting worse day by day. the herb laws aint that kind either. minimun $750 fine for EACH piece of paraphanalia. getting pinched with just 3 pieces cost me 2700. fucking rediculous!
  3. wow I used to live in illinois and I didn't even know that, that's fuckin ridiculous. just one more reason to smoke blunts :D
  4. That sounds even more fucked up than texas. But we have like a minimum fine of 1000 or something crazy for possession of any kind. Then again, it can be up to 4 ounces, which makes things safer.
  5. Ohio is pretty good with grass laws.

    Up to 4 ounces...$100 (treated as misdemeanor, doesn't go on criminal record)
  6. when i read the ''title'' of your thread,,,, i was thinking,,,,???????????? i wonder if hes talking about fla. my state,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    and sure nuff,,, you are,,,, yes this state is ass backwards on its drug laws,,,

    im caught up in them right now,,,,, and fucked up it is my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!:devious:
  7. ive only been here for a month and I absolutely love it down here so far, but the laws are outrageous, and i really did not expect it from a state like this. I assumed it was similar enough to CA in lifestyle and atmosphere and would have similar laws, but I guessed wrong.

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