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Moving and want to smell proof stash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by log9644, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. I am moving from Michigan to Georgia and plan on taking half an ounce with me as well as some dab pen cartridges. I was thinking of double vacuum sealing the bud and then storing it in a mason jar. As for the cartridges, I planned on just putting them in a separate bag and packing them away as is. Will this work to keep the smell away? I don’t plan on driving like an idiot and being pulled over, but my mom is riding with me and would throw out my stash if she smelled it. I need to pack them up about a week before I leave so they will also have to be sealed up for a while.
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  2. Just put everything in a mason jar. No need to vacuum seal.
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  3. To add on to what monvrch said if you plan on smoking I would vacum seal or put in second air tight container, this way it does not smell the car up after you open your half ounce jar. :)
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  4. How much?
    A jar for sure.
  5. You can vacuum a mason jar

  6. How old are you if you have to worry about your mother throwing your stash out lol
  7. 22 but that bitch would have no problem wrestling me to the ground and throwing it out if she found it lol
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  8. you could get yourself a Pelican case or similar.

    hard shell, foam inserts, waterproof, AIRTIGHT.
    and damn durable. plus you’ll probably keep finding uses for it for a long time.

    here is an Apache 1800 from Harbor Freight for $15:
  9. Your 22 and don't know how to seal your weed up where MOM will not throw it away .
    Now I know why they made the movie called ( throw momma off the train ).
    Maybe you all should take the train ...
    throw momma from the train - Bing video

    Ever thought of making it where your mom don't smell so good ?
  10. Aren’t you grounded from your phone?
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  11. LOL I went to Vietnam just to get away from my mother.
    She had to contact the red cross to find me LOL
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  12. Act like it
  14. What's up .. is their a issue ?
  15. Oven bags are smell proof.
  16. Just jar it and dont smoke in the car. I have made the trip from co to wi many times with 0 issues. If your paranoid jar it and put it in the side of a microwave or something. Ive put 20 gs of wax inside s dvd player if your really paranoid lmao

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