Discussion in 'General' started by 420manNE, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. hmmmm... i was just wonderin wut everyones favorite movie(s) to watch while high.... im watchin how high right now and its pretty cool... but i think i gunna hav to go wth my friend's favorite movie Akira while bein high cuz the flashing lights and animation is insane... think ill wath it tommarow....
  2. I watched The Animatrix the other day high, and it was seriously awesome. I also like the Tenacious D DVD.
  3. The Tenacious DVD is brilliant. Jack Black is a god among men. The HBO show was pretty damn funny too. High just makes it that much more hilarious.
    My Favorite movie to watch anytime is either High Fidelity or Dazed and Confused. Awesome flick.
  4. dazed and confused is good and a funny stoner movie is killer bud ..... one time me and my friend went high to see dave chapelle and it was hillarious...
  5. Can't go wrong with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (well, actually you can, me and my friend watched it while on shrooms, and that was fuckin crazy) so yah, watch it.

    (For those of you who remember who I am, I was gone for a while cuz I got a new computer and for some reason forgot about the city for a few weeks lol...IM BAAACK! :D)
  6. my personal is lord of the rings,while i'm high i watch them and it makes me feel like im in the movie and actually there
  7. half baked...bought the dvd

    i seriously watch it everytime i high and home and not playin GTA Vice City
  8. the trippiest movie to watch on weed is definitely Natural Born Killers with tommy lee jones, robert downy jr, and woody harrelson
  9. Return of the King rocks
  10. 3 Ninjas

    best movie ever
  11. Last night i watched FearDotCom, that's a pretty trippy/freaky movie when you're high.
  12. I love all of the above. And want to add M*A*S*H the movie. I don't like the army, so that movie's perfect
  13. yeap my friend got me blow with johnny depp and watched it high and it was good... i wanna visit the real boston george sometime and learn his stuff.. another one i watched was bio dome... what a classic

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