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Discussion in 'General' started by Amp, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. So what does everyone here like to watch baked? Into comedys or serious shit? Heres some of my faves.

    Donnie Darko
    28 Days Later
    Fight Club
    The Rules of Attraction
    Requiem for a Dream
    Garden State
    Against The Wall

    So how about you guys?
  2. Fight Club
    Half Baked
    (any) Cheech & Chong's
    something cartoony/animation is always cool.

    Basically anything really. lol
  3. Any Kevin Smith Film. Man's a Genius.
    Really badass, animated Disney movies. (Too many to mention)
    Mostly comedies though. I love laughing my ass off.
  4. I just watched Spun last night.. pretty wierd
  5. Watch, "The Cube"
  6. What are some of the best comedy's to watch while baked?
  7. I love how they speed up the film and just have shots of people twitching, haha. I love that move :D

    Yeah, I forgot about ol' Kevin Smith... Mallrats was the shit, so was Chasing Amy. Didn't really feel Clerks or Jersy Girl though.
  8. Dazed and Confused

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