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Movies when baked

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. My favorite pasttime when *really* stoned is to relax with a good, and preferably funny, movie. Then again, most movies are funny when you're ripped :)

    To my good fortune, the cinema is just next door, and one of the machinists there is a good friend of mine... So from time to time we gather late at night a small gang in my apartment to toke up. My machinist friend included. Next it's of to the movies, the entire cinema-hall to ourselves. Sitting in the middle seats watching the latest movies, smoking grass and drinking beer. Ahh... Thats living the good life!

    Now however I'm looking through my video-collection, and there's not a damn movie there I want to see.

    Dazed'n'Confuzed, seen it a thousand times...
    Half Baked, ditto
    Clerks, aw not again
    and the list goes on... *sigh*

    Think it's time to hit the videoshop.

    Any tips for real good stoner-movies i can rent?

    ...but not today, i'm to baked to get my ass of the sofa :)
  2. eyes wide shut, cube, existenz, the south park movie, fight club, fear and loathing, up in smoke, pulp fiction..
  3. Seen them all loads of times, except existenze. try seeing devils advocate when baked. rules.
  4. wanna see a movie that will trip you out man.........right after blazin out make sure its night time and close all the lights and put on "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with all those crazy animations its a for sure enjoyment.
  5. Oh, I just LOVE Pulp Fiction..........actually I just love John Travolta. After all these years, he has finally grew into his head. LOL. Swordfish was his best work aside from Pulp Fiction. But anyway, I rented Outside Providence and I found that to be funny when I was high.
  6. out cold~ pretty funny!
  7. Go, Jay and Silent Boib, the New Guy, Harry Potter, Blow
  8. omg!!!! i am a huge johny fan!
  9. the Matrix while totally GONE is sweet as hell, we had 3 bowl beforehand then 2 during it, wow it was awesome
  10. Starship Toopers while baked has made me a pacisfist.
  11. Oh man I saw starship troopers a week ago while I was smoking actually and damn it was crazy.
  12. starship troopers is a crazy movie stoned.... but my alltime favorite is the big lebowski
  13. Thanx for all the tips.

    I've seen most of the suggestions, and great movies they are. Regarding John, I just saw Battlefield Earth. And enjoyed the experience. Maybe it was just me beeing a bit too high, but still :)

    The Matrix, yes, gotta see that one again. Isnt no. 2 in production right now?
    Oh, and guess who's gittery like a child waiting for LotR II?!

    Starship Troopers is a real stoners dream sci-fi movie. Big fight scenes with really horrible big bugs. I love it.
    Then again, Alien will make your skin creep. My all time favorite "scary movie".

    ...think I'll just put on Pulp Fiction now... Got two Js made up already, and finally i got the living room 4 myself :)

    so long!
  14. BTW: Some time ago, me and a friend went to see "Saving private Ryan". But we did not go unprepared. Oh no, believe you not yee infidel.

    Long story made short, we were totally ripped after a couple of J at home, one on the way to the cinema downtown, and another one after we bought the tickets, waiting to get in.

    Durin the landing scene at, was it omaha beach? We both began to giggle a bit over all the blood and gore from people getting shot to pieces. Finally this dude went around with his bowels, literally, in his hand... We both broke into this totally uncontrollable laughter. The laugh-kick of all times, in a full cinema, at the worst scene of the entire movie :)

    ...oh the pain of all them eyes watching us in disgust... muahahahahaaaaaha
  15. Lord of the Rings man
    never watch requiem for a dream while high though--that damn fridge scares the hell out of me

  16. The Big Lebowski is AWESOME! Highly recommended.

    Also, Snatch is good, Friday, Next Friday, The Gods Must Be Crazy (lol) and Eminem: All Access Europe.
  17. THE BIG LEBOWSKI, Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, Dawn of the Dead, Reservior Dogs, and A Clockwork Orange
  18. one of the coolest movies, EVER!
  19. Waking Life, Reanimator, kids in the hall: brain candy, any Monty Python movie, and the BBC television version of 'Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy'. yeah

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