movies/tv shows u like to watch blazed

Discussion in 'General' started by Tha Dank, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. wat movies or tv shows r really fun to watch when ur smacked?
  2. TV shows

    that 70s show
    king of queens
    the sopranos
    the wire


    the big lebowski
    old school
    road trip/euro trip
    the prestige
    deja vu
    harsh times
    training day
    idol hands
  3. Shows: The Office, Entourage, Weeds, Little People Big World

    As for movies, all the classic stoner ones. Friday, Half Baked, Harold & Kumar, Super Troopers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High etc.
  4. that 70s show
    king of queens
    married with children
    family guy
    All types of sports lakers/dodgers etccc
  5. Maury Show paternity tests, but only when stoned. They have got the formula for some good entertainment. "That baby cant be mine, he is short and I am tall". I almost pissed my pants after that one.
  6. pans labrynth
    kung fu movies
  7. thnks anything else?
  8. Anchorman. Without a fucking doubt is my favorite movie to watch stoned.
  9. dude, i always end up watching some retarded ass shit when im high, and for some seems so interesting.

    Especially the history channel!! they can make the most boring shit exciting with their CG ( Computer Generated ) graphics. i love watching history channel when i baked.

    or like jah has said, Man v Wild. But i like almost anything on Discovery channel.
  10. damn. I love the history channel. baked or sober it's interesting as hell. Discovery also runs some good shows.
    That 70's Show is a must.
    Ill pretty much watch anything on Comedy Central.
    Adult Swim has some pretty funny cartoons. Even the 15 minute toons are hilarious.
    Nik at Night definitely has some classics - Fresh Prince, Rosseane
    Or if nothing is on I'll switch to CNN. Beware FOX News!

    The all time favorite when I'm baked though has to go to Animal Planet documentaries. I once watched this one where a crocodile eats a wildebeast and I laughed for half an hour straight. :rolleyes:

    As for movies...
    the current one im watching right now is Cheech and Chong - Still Smoking. It is FUCKING HYSTERICAL!
  11. Survivor man
    Family Guy
    South Park
    Arrested Development
    Discovery/Hist. Chan/ Nat. Geo.
    Anything on HBO-SHO-IFC
  12. Tv- Ctv news( makes you thnik about reality more) The Simpsons, Nature Shows on Discovery, Cooking Shows
    Movies- The first Matrix, 300 , Harold and Kumar and other movies realted to weed
  13. how high, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS - hell yeah

    last night i was baked as shit and turned on cartoon network, adult swim is fun to chill and watch while your tryin to go to bed stoned
  14. lol...this is going to sound so immature...dora the explorer...because i can follow it...the cartoon people say the same shit three time in a im not baked just like" what the fuck was i thinking 300 is still in th e DVD player and im watching this.???
  15. Arrested Development
    South Park
    Colbert Report/Daily Show
    Rob & Big
  16. TV shows

    The Wire
    The Daily Show
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Arrested Development
    The Simpsons
    The Sopranos
  17. Entourage, Weeds and That 70s Show
  18. Dexter
    Band of brothers
    Rob and big
  19. One word. Fresh Prince. Well actually thats 2 but who the fuck cares. Oooo and i like adult swim the shows on there were meant for stoned people i swear, its just like a bunch of random stupid shit. In fact im pretty damn high now so im gonna watch somethin.

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