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Movies to Watch on Shrooms

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by notorious.n8, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Ehh GC

    Me and three buddies are gonna be doing shrooms this weekend and I wanted to know some good movies to watch.

    As of now, were thinking of watching james and the giant peach. Any other suggestions?
  2. Don't watch movies.

    At least, have something else planned to do, cause i know when i was on shrooms with people, none of us wanted to watch tv or movies.
  3. yello submarin
  4. I don't understand why everyone says this about tripping. Obviously, nature is where it's at; you don't want to spend the entirety of your trip indoors. But tripping out can be a tiring experience and sometimes it's nice to just kick back and veg out in front of a good movie.

    On my last shroom trip I watched Alladin. It was wonderful.
  5. Good luck with that,

    everytime i watch a movie on shrooms i get so distracted. .

    why would i wanna look at a box when the walls are breathing and there's tracers coming off my ceiling fan?

    and there's fence board people outside to talk to, man this is making me wanna dose
  6. The science of sleep
  7. the beatles yellow submarine is the greatest movie for tripping
    but i also suggest a long nature walk
    also fishing is the best thing ever when high
  8. Yellow submarine gets my vote. But whats more fun is going out into nature.
  9. I had the best time watching TV with the sound off once. Everything is out of context that delivers great "what the fuck?" moments.
  10. i would recommend waking life or the new speed racer movie.
  11. Movies are best when you are coming down in my opinion. When your visuals are almost gone but your mind is still working at full power.....

    And also in my opinion, The Beach is a must see on shrooms. You may not like the movie sober, but it carries a pretty potent message when you are shrooming.

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