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Movies that include smoking weed

Discussion in 'Movies' started by GreenClerks22, Nov 9, 2012.

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    High School Baked right now is my favorite cause they got the whole school high and if something in my life didnt change then i prolly woulda ended up like psycho ed lol, i had long hair about to get braids just like him before and always try to come up with new ways to make smoking and weed better even made a bong outta a cd holder once and used a straw to pull threw.
    How High, Budz House, the Friday series, harold and kumar go to white castle, mac and dev go to high school, due date, hangover..i think thats all i know how bout u guys??

    only movies that have the characters getting high though like the one's i mentioned, not movies to watch while high lol.

    I heard about Cheech and chong go uo in smoke, but its not at the redbox by me (only place to rent movies where i live, most the blockbusters got closed down)

    anyone know where i can watch movies for free online??
    im really dying to watch that Cheech and Chong tonight or Blow at least that looks good to, haven't seen either.

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