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Movies that blow your mind when stoned..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spiceSWEETchili, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. anyone else have favorite epic movies that when u watch u see as like a freakin masterpiece when your blazed out of your mind? A few that come to mind are, We were soldiers, The departed, Seabiscuit and The Prestige
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    my parents sex tape
  3. Saving Private Ryan...The D Day scene is insane
  4. I watched DoA Dead or Alive at a friends house and for some reason it was the most amazing movie I've seen stoned, terrible story line but the fighting and hot chicks made it such an awesome movie
  5. not only did it blow my mind, it also made me blow my.. well... i think you get it..
  6. Smiley Face

    I HIGHLY recommend it,
    it's my all time favorite stoner movie.
  7. Id have to go with Sherlock Holmes
  8. It may seem like an odd choice but "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" will get you thinking. After all the building up of the story line and bam that ending hits you like a ton of bricks leaving your mouth agap and you saying "whooaa"
  9. I remember the first time I hit a vape, i watched the goonies and that mind fucked me. I still dont remember anything about that movie

  10. I watched it sober and still thought it was strange.. i dont quite remember the plot or anything either lol
  11. I just caught the last ~45 mins of the first Godfather and all of The Godfather II on Thanksgiving, even though it's a four hour or so movie and I was baked the whole time, the time seemed like it flew by. I got so immersed in that fucking movie, it's a classic. :smoke:

    Shutter Island was fucking crazy to watch high, at the end I was just like :eek: :eek: :eek:
  12. Devil's Rejects

    Texas Chainsaw Massicure (remakes)

    Blair Witch (yeah it was fake....but you live by the woods sometime..
    shit is creepy at night)

    Platoon (Another all time fav)

    Comedian Jeff Dunham

    ^^Funny fuker right there!
  13. Dances with Wolves its a little slow at first but by the end I swear i could understand Native American
  14. Dudes.. The movie you need to watch is Pandorum. For crazy scary future space demon doom. And also Pathology for drug use psycho thriller killer. Movies with P are good.. I'm high.
  15. ^^ Pandorum was good,

    @ OP if you liked The Prestige you may also like the Illusionist, I think they came out the same time.
  16. My all time favorite movie to watch blasted is Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. My friend and I have gotten blasted and watched it several times and still don't quite get it but it is so funny and goes kind of back and forth to keep you interested. I haven't watched it sober yet because watching while high is to great.
  17. One flew over the Coo Coo's nest
    any Stephen King movie.
  18. Enter the Void
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