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movie review/ suggestion to rent by toke tillyachoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. this is my sad way to try and get involed on the site again. since i quit tokin for my gal jen I like you alot jen smokin is such a small high compared to being with ya

    each week i will post a movie for u guys to check out rate the sytem is 1 for lowest and 5 for the highest.

    Todays Movie

    <B>Movie:<B> <I>Amercian history <I>

    <B>Rated:<B> <I>R<I>

    <B>My Score:<B> 4

    <B>Description:<B> <I> this movie is some crazy shit and its one of my favorites its about a group of nazis who raise hell in a town by messing up a local grocey store, geting in sevral fights, shooting at people and alot of other crazy shit, yall should defanlty check this out!<I>

    <B>Favorite Scene:<B> <I>when the main characters brother took this guys teeth placed his head on the curve than steped on it and crushed his teeth! <B>holeyshit can you imgaion the pain<B><I>

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  2. Dude, that's cool and everything, but that's not what the movies about. It's not s'posed to glorify facsicm.

    5/5 though, brilliant movie. One of my favorites.
  3. iknow just was trying to get people to watch it also i have not seen it since b4 i started tokin os i had trouble rembering scenes
  4. Movie: purple show
    Rated: not rated

    My Score: 5

    Description: This is one of the crazyest dvd out there mother focko it stars twisted and they do crazy shti togeher with there homies abk , vilonet j and shaggy 2 dope i recomend this dvd to any of you crazy juggalos out there and if your not a jugglo you should still check it out. to enjoy this one the most i suggest you smoke a fatty b4 wartching its tenx better
    Favorite Scene: one word JJ4,also its pretty damn sweet at the homies video shoot.

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  5. how bout natural born killers, saw it for the first time the other day me and 3 of my friends watched it. We all took about 400mg dxm and smoked as the trip came on then put in the movie, holy shit what a fucked up movie, i dont know if i would recommend it while on dxm tho.
    For those that dont know it has Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Jr., Tommy Lee Jones, and Tom Sizemore in it and it was written by Quentin Tarantino. And id say its one of his best.
    Definitaly check it out, a must while stoned, maybe a lil 2 intense if your on dxm.
  6. I agree with highgirly on the American History X issue. I don't think its supposed to glorify racism and portray it as being "cool." Great movie though.
  7. or juice, with tupac and omar epps
  8. I was not trying to glorify racism just picking out random scens for you all to hear about sorry if i offended any of ya
  9. You're cool, toketilly! On with the next movie...

    I never can remember shit...especially movies I want to see so this threads going to help me. :D
  10. Ya, American HistoryX is a great movie.

    So is Natural Born Killers. Man, its so funny watchin Woody Harrelson being such a badass. Because every time I see Woody Harrelson I think of him in White Men Cant Jump, so its funny to see him killin people and shit.
  11. speaking of American History X, i was watching it with a friend last week and my mom overhears the shit they say.. it fuckin' SUCKS that people judge a movie by a few lines and not hear the message at the end.. movies should be watched ALL THE WAY THROUGH before passing judgement, otherwise 21 grams would be a shit movie if you just saw 30 minutes of it..

    btw i love the teeth-crushing scene.. i love creative violence in movies..
  12. what is a juggolo? i never figured it out.
  13. rrrr u downnnnnn wifffffff daaaaaa clooooooown haha icp

  14. that doesnt just break teeth... that kills people it breaks the skull all over the damn place

  15. Yes, or at the very least rips your jaw off. Its called a curve bite.

    Its really a movie about redemption (Im not criticizing you toketillyachoke), really great movie easy 5/5 imo. Speaking of not judging a movie by lines, heres an example from AHX: "Put that shit out! Weed is for niggers!"

    I really hope noone takes offense from that QUOTE.

    Another movie with a great performance by Norton (my fav actor) is in "Primal Fear". I also highly recomend "The Boondock Saints".
  16. i really recommend seeing "waking life"
  17. I would recomend seeing Trainspotting and Requiem for a dream.

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