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Movie Acting

Discussion in 'General' started by Rahzizzle, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. So when im sober and watch a movie the acting seems all good and real.

    But when im really blazed and watch a movie theres times when you can tell how badly someone is acting, even if they are doing a good job, like in crying scenes or scenes where someone gets really mad.

    I dont know how to explain it but sometimes it annoys me so much I have to turn the movie off

    anyone else realize this when watching movies/tv?

    edit: ill give an example, i was watching Parental Control on mtv, i dont even know wtf that show is about, but the acting was so unreal and I could tell they were acting i just had to turn it off
  2. It's because your mind is open which means different interpretations of the movie. It's kind of hard to explain though.
  3. I know what you mean...but sometimes acting is so bad, i spot it when im sober.

    Last night on Prince of Bel Air (old school show) i was watching Will and his friend pimp on some girls ...will was good, but his friend sucked at could tell he was holding back.

    I also watched scarface and that was some good acting.
  4. dude i totally know what you mean, it sucks cuz when my buddies get blitzed before a movie i cant smoke anymore cuz the acting is so gay. this ruined so many movies for me its not even funny. now i just smuggle in a case of scud light or a fifth of jack = SWEET!! cuz when im drunk im stupid and dont care how bad the acting is.

  5. i have an explanation as to why the acting was bad on that show.......ITS ON MTV! they honest to god have some of the worst shows i have ever seen in my life. what happend to music videos.......sell outs
  6. First, no, I tend to enjoy films more when hight.

    second, for the record, parental control is a dating show, where Parents don't approve of Child's Significant Other, and pick two new people for Child to go out with. At the end of the show, Child has to chose b/w Mom's Pick, Dad's Pick, and their actual boy/girlfriend. it is a FUCKED UP show. And what "acting" there is... yeah.
  7. Its the opposite for me

    I just watched Dark Water today and as always Jen 'acted' but she acts so perfectly it's impossible to feel that shes acting so not all actresses/actors act shitty for even a second

    All depends really... like Portman was awesome in Leon and slowly got worse as 'the biz' started giving her stupid ass pointers on how to act this or that
  8. Yeah, I definitely get more picky when I'm high. I'm a musician and I produce independent theatre so I like to think I know about performance. When I'm high I pick things I'm watching apart. If you remember my rant about Star Trek Enterprise the other day, most of bones that I was picking with that show were discovered while high and confirmed while sober.

    But comedies are always funny while far anyway. :)
  9. haha comedies are wayyy better when high

    it makes things that you would find stupid when sober, hilarious
  10. I've also noticed this when I'm high, but not only can I tell if they are acting shitty, I can tell that there are really shitty special effects. Like one time I was baked and I watched the first X-Men movie and I realized how shitty it was while I was watching it. The special effects were so cheesy it looked like a cartoon or something. Also the acting was horible as well. I've seen it since then sober and it seemed fine while I was sober, lol. Just when I was high it seemed shitty.
  11. Hahah, yeah like you notice all the flaws in the movie, bad acting, bad video work, ha..

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