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Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. Hey hey, yah, it's been a day or two since i stopped in here, shit's been real busy fo' me lately, but in hella good ways. Damn, i miss ya all.

    Well, here we go, check these if ya haven't already.


    Shouts out to all the cool ppl here, you know who you are, there's roo many damn names to list, i'd be typing an essay and still miss osmeone important. Why would i miss someone important? Cause yer all important dammnit!

    I don't have TV so i won't see if these air, but if they do, post here, i wanna hear abnout it. Maybe it'll give me an excuse to come back here and chill for a bit.

    Be cool

  2. yeah ive been on the mailing list for a while...alot of those are really good, i wonder which will win...
  3. I LOVE IT! hahaha! Genius!
  4. Nice to see ya again Too Sicks. Sounds like you've been a busy guy. :D
  5. Cool stuff. I never did like bush. but that was before i could vote. 2004 will be different!
  6. I posted a thread about this awhile back, didn't get much attention.

    Hopefully people will notice it now! I personally watched 346 ads, and they all kicked ass, can't wait to see which one wins

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