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  1. Hey blades. I just moved from long island new York to Richmond Va. I got my own Place with my friend who lives down here. I am going to school but I have a few questions.
    1. How much should I be expecting to pay for weed?

    2. Is it true locals hate new yorkers?

    3. Anyone from Richmond know any good smokin spots?

    Thank you

    Edit: title Should be from ny to Richmond
  2. I live in va like hour away from Richmond.. I don't hate new yorkers I don't see what's wrong with them.
  3. I'm closer to Lynchburg, but just don't act like a dick to people and you should be good.
    1. For an eighth, no more than 50$/60$ of dank shit.
    2. I highly doubt it, just don't become street-gang affiliated. If you want to be in a gang, choose the mafia that controls that area and not some "AY AY I HOL MY GUN SAIWAEZ PAPAP ROLL THRU MY HOOOOOOOOOOOD!" faggots.
    3. Anywhere along the river. Just pick a bank side that is pretty surrounded by bushes, and blaze on.
  4. Yea I'm not a dick and I'm generally a nice person. Also I'm not into gangs.
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    Hey man I hangout in RVA alot. I live in midlothian which is in chesterfield (15 minutes away). I actually used to live in Nesconset, NY near smithtown on LI. My friends go to VCU so usually im in richmond quite a bit. The prices I usually pay for headies are 20 a gram, 30 half an eighth and so on. I don't like to buy mids but they are roughly half that usually. Not too sure about smoking spots we usually just blaze in peoples apartments/dorms. GL welcome to RVA

    oh yea and im not sure about locals hating new yorkers..i never get shit when I tell them I used to live there.
  6. People are pretty chill in the 804. Prices run $60 a 1/8th for dank $25 1/8th for high mids and half those prices if you can get sweet connects and buy in bulk. No one cares if you're from New York.

    Also if you live in the city there a quite a few realley nice headshops. Check out:

    Kulture's Giving Away A Money
    Green House Glass
    MySpace - The Happy Corner - 101 - Man - Richmond, Virginia -
    Katra Gala | Facebook

    Kulture has pretty much any high end tube or smoking device you can imagine, but the rest are a bit cheaper if you're just looking for a bowl or something.
  7. Yea my friend who I live with works at kulture. I picked up a syn shower head perc a few days ago
  8. are you going to vcu? you should have no trouble finding buds Richmond is full of dank. and no hate towards new yorkers for sure hahahahah i dont even know why you would think that. :cool:
  9. I kind of feel bad for you. Richmond is a pathetic little town compared to NYC, and a really conservative one at that. I rarely find dank weed for anything under 60, but I only know a few people who sell.

    I don't know of anyone that hates New Yorkers...probably a lot of jealosy though.

    The river is probably the best non-private smoking place. Pony pasture might be a little crowded as summer starts, but I'm sure you can find a nice secluded spot.
  10. If your a dumb fucking little kid. Forget it. Richnmond already has it's share off snot nosed redneck pricks buying weed from ghetto ass G's and then selling their shitty mids to all of their highschool friends. Otherwise, grow you own. The cops all have their heads up their asses because richmond sucks as a city. Other than that, don't go to richmond to buy weed. Find a good connect somewhere outside the city ie. the boondocks and smoke your brain out.
  11. Hey all, ive lived here in richmond for a while and i know a few poeple who can get me weed but im looking for some good connections here in the city. if anyone knows or can hook me up itd be appreciated
  12. I'm from New York and I hate New Yorkers. How can you not hate New Yorkers?

  13. Laziest DEA agent ever...

  14. this post had me on the floor. good luck finding dealers off the interwebz brah:smoke:
  15. Noooo move back to new york you wont like it in va.
  16. where on LI? jw
  17. CRAZY! i was born in richmond and moved to ny haha. But to answer your question, there are nice people everywhere and there are dickholes everywhere. Luckily you get to choose who you see.
  18. I think I was dry when I posted this; or pissed off.

    Richmond is actually a pretty cool place. It's a little drab in some spots, but that's just because it's old. As for the prices, most of the surrounding counties get their weed from richmond:

    $10 a gram
    $25 a 1/8
    $40 a 1/4
    $120 an o/z


    $20 a g
    $45 a 1/8
    $60 a 1/4
    $200 an o/z

    It's all a big mix up really. I recomend you find out how the people with the most weed deal with it and then make a good middle man friend. That way, you avoid all of the hustle bustle of the illegal side and really get a good connection going.

    As for the best spot to smoke, 'the rocks' are everyone's favorite. It's a short rockbed under a bridge downtown. You can't miss it. You just have to be careful, because all different types of people go there; including the police.
  19. I find decent bud in va, like every couple weeks for some reason.

    and I pay usually 55 an 1/8th through my guy

    bud actually goes for alright prices in this area.

    Where is your place at, cause I live like 10 minutes from the city lol.

  20. Nah uh....I go there like every other week... who

    sorry for double post...just saw it, and Im really high lol just got back from baseball game so kinda drunk too

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