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Moved to New Mexico, in need of folks to smoke with

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by herekittykitty29, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Okay, so my situation is kind of complicated.  I just moved to Southeastern NM from California.  It was all good in California.  I had my card, my friends and my parents grew, my Mama smokes too, life was good.

    Now I'm in a new place, I can't grow (I live next door to a K9 & my boyfriend is in law enforcement), and my job drug tests (when you first get hired, but VERY unlikely I'd have to test again) so I don't want to ask my work friends.

    Am I fucked?  Or is there hope for me finding bud and bud-loving buds??  Any suggestions?!?

  2. Well if you're looking to 'hook-up' here or find a dealer, you're in the wrong place.
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    However, since you didn't directly ask that, I will say this: I know of people who live
    in NM and they do indeed smoke, so it is possible for you to find some in the future.
    Where there is a will, there is a way.
  3. Not to be weird, or whatever, but for a "hook up" I kind of want that to happen organically through stoner friends...  (I can't imagine finding a hookup online would ever be a good idea on any forum.)

    this town is okay, but there are some dangerous areas/people.  In California, people from all walks of life are open about their use.  Here, either no one with a professional job smokes, or they all do it on the DL.  Maybe I need to take a class at the college?  Ha.  UGH, the things we fucking do for love.
  4. I just moved here as well, don't know a soul and I am also looking for some stoner buddies!
  5. @ThatOneDabGuy @herekittykitty29 why dont u guys smoke together then lmao
  6. Whereabouts in NM?

    I'm down in the SouthEast corner... inhaling way more dust and oil field fumes than smoke, unfortunately.
  7. Southeastern NM here moved from west tx...oil field trash

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  8. Don't call yourself trash!  That's good money!  I may wear heels to work every day, but I can almost guarantee your checks are bigger!  lol

    Are you in Hobbs?  That's where I'm at.  
  9. I thought NM had lax-er laws on the herb so I imagine finding a plug would be easier than say alabama
  10. Lax-er than Alabama, I'm sure.  But WAAAAAY more strict than where I'm from.  You can smoke a blunt walking down the street in NorCal.  :::sniff sniff::: I miss it so much!!
  11. my word of advice is that everyone smokes, maybe find a local NORML meeting, that's my plan when I move this summer
    im honestly surprised of the amount of people that actually smoke
  12. Thank You.
  13. Unfortunately, the nearest NORML meeting is almost 2 hours away. :/

    That was the first thing I did when I moved here, actually. Haha. Great minds...

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