Moved plants from ground to pots -any tips?

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  1. So I was having troubles keeping my ph in soil down so I moved my plants to pots in sunshine mix 4. I have my Afghan kush LST’d down and I think I’m starting to get a few nice branches that should develop tops. My gorilla glue 4 though has had slower growth (has been better in the pots) and I haven’t LST’d it again yet. Do you guy have any tips or suggestions for me?

    @OZs_786 you mentioned I could @ you, sorry if it a bother but I was wondering what you thought?

  2. Sorry for the late reply brother. But I say you’re doing fine. Just give them regular Ph’d water until they’ve adjusted to the transplant. Also, for a safety measure. You can tie something around that first plant
    with bamboo or something. It’s not always necessary, but with the way that one looks trained it looks like it can use some support in case something knocks it around. Other then that they should do fine once they get adjusted to the pots. I haven’t used sunshine before, but I heard it’s a decent mix. You should be okay with no nutes until they get themselves situated. Just keep an eye on them and watch for shock.
    Feel free to leave another update brother
  3. Might also wanna keep up with the LST, it’ll keep them easier to manage as they grow bigger.
  4. I’ve had them in the pots since Wednesday. We ended up getting about 2.5” of rain the last couple days, I was happy they were in pots and I could get them out of the rain. But because it was so rainy they didn’t get a bunch of sun and I think that probably helped me with some transplant shock because they look really good. How long does it usually take to before I’m in the clear for transplant shock and can start with the nutes?

    It’s tough to see but I actually have a green leg from a tomato cage in with that gorilla glue and it is strapped to the plant with pipe cleaners. Would you LST the gorilla glue again now too? Or just let it grow up?

    Thanks again for all your help!
  5. It’s all up to you from here. You can choose to LST if you’d like. Personally, I’d LST the whole season, just to keep them trained and manageable. That way you don’t have too much of a jungle, which makes maintenance a B—. Also, LST helps the bud sites get more light as they flower, along with reducing flowering times as well. But it’s all up to preference, you can SCROG it and I’m sure it’d work well too. But, that’s the fun part about growing, no one person grows the same way. You can do whatever you want with your flowers once you experiment with your own techniques.. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
    just go as you grow brother! :)
    Feel free to give me more updates or questions, my man.
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