moved my indoor plants outside?

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  1. Hey all, so up here in Alaska we just started getting 12 hours of light daily again. On a recent sunny day, I moved a couple plants from my 12/12 cycle flower room to my roof, where they get direct sun almost all day. They were already 2-3 weeks in to the flower stage, so I'm wondering if the gradually increasing daylight will re-veg them, or if they will continue their flowering for the next month or so? I'm at 57 degrees North.
  2. Depends on the strain really. If they are a strain that will finish in 8 weeks you should be okay but I wouldn't have done it unless I knew for sure the flowering cycle. Admittedly I'm also not 100% sure of your daylight hours over the coming six weeks.
  3. It's Lost Coast Hashplant, it finishes in 7 to 8 weeks, and we gain about 5 minutes of daylight per day. I can still move them back, but they just seem so happy out there. My main concern was nighttime temps in the low 40s, but they seem to be loving it.
  4. If your plants are already in flower, you don't need to give them more than 12 hours of light a day or it will screw them up royally. They might hermie and make you a ton of seeds or it might confuse them and try to throw them back into veg. You can't beat sunlight for growing these things though. But with taking your plants outside, you're really risking picking up some nasty bugs that are attracted to a flowering plant, so be diligent in checking them from top to bottom when you move them in and out. Personally, I wouldn't even risk it myself, especially after they've gone into flower mode. If you have other plants inside and you bring in a nice case of mites or some other friends, then you're going to spread those friends to your other plants that might be in veg. I've seen where people lost their whole grow (plants) by bringing in pests from outside. It's safer to keep the outside outside and the inside inside. Good luck with them! TWW
  5. I just got tired of the whole indoor rigmarole. I have a beautiful roof space that gets near constant sunlight, but right now it's the same cycle as the flower room was. We get a ton of rain, but the plants are under the eave of the roof. As for bugs, I have been using organic insecticidal soap inside with success. I'm hoping not to bring them in...I'm just wondering if the increasing light will re-veg them? We're at 13 hours a day, and gaining 4-5 minutes each day.
  6. Depends how deep in flower as to how long it'll take to change back to veg state

    The actual trigger point for most strains is 14.5.. At 15 they veg at 14 they flower..
    That said you'll just have to let them run and see what happens.. I'm down at latitude 33 so most of my time and set out dates are way off from what you can likely use..
    June 1st is my primary date I work everything around.. My spring set has to go out early enough to be well finished the last week of May.. So count backwards 7, 8 or as much as 10-11 weeks for some sativa strains and you see I set my fully vegged plants out to flower March 1st..
    The summer plants I've got 2 groups working.. Clones strains that I've run for years under 24-0 are now outside under my dusk till dawn solar lights to hold them in veg..
    I've started a bunch of seeds in my veg space under 17-7 lighting to move outside about mid May.. That should time match close enough they just keep vegging through June and July..

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  7. Thanks for all the helpful information! Here's a photo of the plants in question, they are doing great outside. The discolorations you see are spots that grew in to the lights indoors, since being moved the color has stayed a nice deep green.

    The way I see it is worst case scenario, I have to wait a few more months until harvest, with a huge head start on the veg period. Best case, I harvest at the same time with a lot less headache.

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    Here is my spring set that went out on the first of March.. Some could be finished as soon as another 4 weeks from the look of the Blue Berry.. Others like my very sativa leaning Blue Dream will be a close race to finish in time.. She likes to run really long and spring I have to just take her come June first or she'll reveg for sure..
    Your so far North you going to just have to wing it as far as timing..

    Seedlings for summer well under way..

  9. That's quite the plot you have there. I wish we had naturally occurring soil up here, everything is muskeg. All the soil has to be shipped up on the barge. My plants on the roof are doing excellent still, they like the sun a lot more than my shitty CFL setup, even though it's gray and rainy everyday.

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