Moved, left no address ??????

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  1. So i ordered something and been waiting forever. And now usps says moved, left no address.

    What does this mean?! How can i get shipped to post office and then how do i pick up. Just give them tracking num?
  2. did you put in a address change? or order to an abandoned house?
  3. Ordered to house for sale. I put up numbers on the box.

    I just emailed them about it hopefully i get reply.

    Is it at the post office? If so can i just go there and give them tracking number?
  4. Update: SO how do I redeliver it? Can I just go up to it? I could really use the help guys!!!!
  5. Why don't you have a little backbone and just GO. No one here knows ANYTHING that you don't.
  6. thanks ha, ill tell you how it goes your right to im being a pussy about it
  7. Sorry to be mean but c'mon dude. Smoke a bowl and just go down and talk to someone. Good luck
  8. hit your local Post Office ( or the one that delivers to that addy ), and yeah take the tracking number and proof of ID ( not sure ..but they will prolly ask for it)
  9. So I went down and gave it to the lady. She said it had been started to ship back to grreat britain. SO I go home and I see the mailman and Im like hey can you look this num up and hes like no. And I ask if he has any package for the house. He said no.

    So lessson learned hopefully others will benifet from my mistake. I only got about 1 year and 8 months before I get my own place so it'll all be good.

    Only way I could have actually got them is set up a date to get them at post office, or told mailman that I was renting the place. I would not take the vacant slip and make a fake adddress Thats a big nono Like its bad enough your using someone elses mailbox and looking through it, but thats like stealing a house right there.

    I would NOT do this again. It is just very risky. Very time consuming. Just order to your house.

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