Moved back in with the rents...

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. So this is wierd. Ive been pretty much on my own since 16, now here I am, 23, and Im moving back in with my parents. Im not having money trouble or anything like that, but Im going back to college on the 18th... Should be pretty fuckin wild man! Im puttin myself on lockdowns on atleast every weeknight, and maybe even weekends. I never been a school goin *****, so I gotta keep myself focused without all the gettin fucked up :)

    But here I am, first time in a LONG time, smoking discreet, Im using a spoof tube. Shit works pretty well but you can still smell the dank through the fabric shit :smoke:
  2. I feel you man. I lived on my own after graduating high school and then moved back into my Dad's after a year of self-dependence and lots of substance abuse (mainly alcohol and lots of Xanax). It sucked having to answer to someone else and being told to do things. I was 19 at the time which might make it sound like I'm a bitch, but he was paying for me to go back to school and let me stay with him and everything. The least I could do was respect his curfews and not be out partying all the time. But having to be sneaky and making up reasons to leave the house to toke was a bitch,
  3. Im allowed to come and go as I please, being as I pay for my car/insurance and all that shit. Im just not supposed to be getting high in the house. But what they dont know cant hurt em I guess.

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