Move to cali?

Discussion in 'General' started by fiasco, May 18, 2010.

  1. Thinking about head out West soon, since I'm about to graduate..I know the herb is banging but what are the prices there, cheaper then east cost? Lb rate? :smoking::smoking:
  2. I don't know much about herb out there, but Cali is a great state. I love it out there. It's one of the places I'd love to live again one day.
  3. Yeah, you and every other kid on here is considering moving here too. I've got news for you, it's not cannabis Disneyland. Why not try to change the laws in your own state?
  4. The government is falling apart here and we get retarded taxes because of it but otherwise it's a cool place

  5. Arnold spoke at my friend's graduation this year and he seemed very optimistic and excited about what he's done and what he's planning on doing. LOL

    I rarely believe politicians but I will say that he is a great public speaker and it was clear no one wrote it for him (some minor grammar and english issues) so that was cool.

    This post was pointless so I'll make it relevant:

    I'm sure it's more expensive than what you're used to for getting really good shit.

  6. He also said that he's worried about going to AZ in fear of being asked for his papers and deported :rolleyes: I hoped he was actually going to DO something while in office, speeches are nice and all but don't help our bankrupt state

  7. But like I said, hilarious! Wait but...does that mean you were there? Dope!

    No on a serious note I know exactly what you mean. And I agree completely. I guess I feel less strongly about it only because I don't live there.
  8. As someone moving to Cali soon, I would advise against it unless you either have education or job prospects already lined up. The state has massive unemployment and a high cost of living. Without a plan you might end up not very happy with the move.

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